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Tweet I’ve made the announcement on various other places like Facebook and LinkedIn, but I forgot to tell you all some BIG news in my writing career. In mid-April I became the editor of Kidaround Magazine, a local lifestyle magazine for Sacramento families. Yes, you read that correctly. I’m editing a magazine based in Sacramento while living […]



Tweet As I recently mentioned, I’m on a big e-books kick these days. E-books are nice for busy people because they’re short and to the point, with big takeaways. An e-book I just finished that I think you’d like too is Balance Your Work and Family Life with Less Stress and More Fun, a Coach […]



Who I am, not what I do

by Lesley on September 1, 2011 · 17 comments

in work,writing

Tweet I might as well just get to the point. I’ve quit my job at 3fold, official today. To some people the decision may seem sudden. But, in reality, this new move into motherhood and freelance work actually started a long time ago. When Jonathan and I moved to Sacramento five years ago (!), I […]



A reflection on work

by Lesley on November 2, 2010 · 3 comments

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TweetFrom Brennan Manning’s Ruthless Trust… “After the farmer casts the seed on the ground, he sleeps unperturbed, and the earth “automatically” brings forth fruit…When the farmer arises in the morning, unreconciled to getting out of bed, he feels no anxiety that he has wasted time through his sleep; au contraire, he is confident that the […]



My husband, Esquire

by Lesley on November 22, 2009 · 13 comments

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Tweet We both felt like throwing up all day on Friday. It’s an odd feeling to know that your day-to-day life could change dramatically because of one tiny word- P-A-S-S. For months now, we’ve been talking about this day-November 20. It’s almost like anticipating the birth of a child, but not knowing if the kid […]

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