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Tweet  Last week Jonathan and I spent three nights in New Orleans. It wasn’t originally planned as a “babymoon” although I guess since I was 28 weeks pregnant it technically became our last getaway before baby. I think most people plan babymoons to relax but this was certainly not a kick-your-feet-up trip. I’m not sure […]



Tweet  When it comes to travel, there are many different types of people.  There are people who love to travel and save hard earned money to make it happen. There are people who dream of seeing the world but could never justify spending their cash in such an “extravagant” way. And there are people who […]



To feel like a kid again

by Lesley on January 30, 2013 · 4 comments

in marriage,travel

Tweet My parents were good about taking time for themselves when my siblings and I were young. Although I’m sure they would have liked to get away more than they did, I remember their diligence in protecting weekly date nights and taking vacations here and there–from Cabo trips with friends to desert weekends and even […]



Tweet Earlier this week I mentioned how we spent a very long time in the car over Thanksgiving. Sunday, in particular, tested our patience. What I didn’t say is that we are very thankful for a divine stop off Highway 99 at Bravo Farms. I’d just woke up from a cat nap when we started seeing […]



1,100 miles of Thanksgiving

by Lesley on November 26, 2012 · 5 comments

in travel

Tweet It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Every year we make the mistake of driving to Southern California for Thanksgiving, and every year we tell ourselves: NEVER AGAIN. Next year we will fly. Next year we will leave a day earlier. And then we do it again. Driving over […]

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