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Formerly known as Magnolia Lane

by Lesley on July 24, 2015 · 3 comments

in growing up

Tweet We’re moving again this weekend. Did I tell you already? I’m not sure I have—partially out of denial and partially because I didn’t really feel like talking about it—but now that I’m in the thick of packing I will do anything to avoid responsibility. Packing. Ugh. I very much dislike packing, especially when it’s not my […]



Sacred space

by Lesley on March 22, 2014 · 14 comments

in growing up,remodeling/home projects

Tweet There are cookies baking in our oven one last time, and their smell provides lures me to pause from the packing. I need one more night to write at my little corner desk, in my little white kitchen, in my first little home. I never imagined we’d leave so soon. Three years in a […]



The Soundtrack of Childhood

by Lesley on April 17, 2013 · 4 comments

in growing up,music

Tweet I’ll be the first to admit I’m not musically inclined. I can’t carry a tune or play an instrument, despite Mrs. Formica’s enthusiastic choir leadership and several years of piano lessons. Despite having no actual talent, I still have a love for music. I think this is mostly because my favorite childhood memories revolve […]



Tweet Today I am proud to share a guest post, written by my dad. This essay was not written intentionally for my blog. It came to me in the form of an email my dad sent to our family earlier today. As background, my Grandma Jeanne  (his mother) was diagnosed several years ago with dementia. […]



Carol of the Bells

by Lesley on December 24, 2010 · 3 comments

in growing up,thoughts

Tweet I am soaking up our last month on 39th Street. A surprising sadness is creeping in now that we have closed escrow. The painting and boxing has started, helping me to look forward to moving into our new house. But I am also wallow in the bittersweet emotions of leaving an apartment we love […]

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