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feel good friday

Tweet “I’m not sure what I’m supposed to say —is there a right thing to say?—but I call her back from a gas station in Oregon and the tears come flooding out when she answers. This little fleeting baby, tinier than any fruit or nut, has the power to crush us both. I am considering […]


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Tweet How is your new year, my friends? Ours is off to a wonderful start. Homegroup and MOPS haven’t started, and swim lessons are on hold this month, so everything feels less busy. I’ve squeezed in a few sunset walks and runs, and made some changes to my routine which seem to be paying off. It’s amazing how going to […]



TweetThe sun is setting on our week long family getaway to the Outer Banks, North Carolina with Jonathan’s entire family. This trip has been on our calendar for a year, and despite stormy weather we’ve had a fantastic time. It’s been too long since we’ve had a full week to play and explore and eat without […]



TweetAfter the craziest two weeks of all time, we’re now Santa Barbara dwellers. I am still pinching myself. Did this really happen? Did we really just pack up our entire house and move to the beach? We did. It’s CRAZYTOWN. We packed up on Sunday, had a fantastic goodbye party on Sunday night, drove all […]



TweetIt’s been a loooooong month, you guys. Our entire family is finally feeling better after being hit with terrible, terrible colds. I’ve also been dealing with some major breastfeeding issues which have been hard for me both physically and emotionally. And did I mention we’re sleep training Owen? Yeah. There’s that. Everyday has felt like […]

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