Stuff to love in May 2015

by Lesley on June 5, 2015 · 2 comments

in stuff to know about


Books: I finished What Alice Forgot in April (loved it!) and read Glitter & Glue in May, which was a tad slow in the beginning but I love the author and some of her observations on mom/daughter relationships. For an encouraging, quick book you should try My Practices of Mothering by Sarah Bessey.

Food: I have 13 Pinterest boards dedicated to food, and yet, I didn’t really try any new recipes this month. I’ve been all about simplicity and can’t really tell you what we’ve eaten. Tell me a recipe I need to make in June.

Podcast: You must listen to This American Life’s Birds & Bees episode which covers talking to kids and teens about sex, racism and death. I gotta say, this one left me with a lot to think about.

TV/Movies: I gave up on Scandal this month because it got too dramatic and far fetched for my taste. (That’s weird…a drama becoming too dramatic…) Also, my mom and I took Anna to the movies for the first time to see Cinderella, which was really cute. I definitely liked it more than Anna did.

Wearing: My “new” polka dot romper and blazer, both of which I “won” at the MOPS clothing swap.

A few of my favorite purchases in May: 

Things I loved in May:

  • I finally followed this tutorial and made engineering prints for our living room. So easy! So cheap! So cute!
  • Celebrating my mom’s graduation from her Master’s program with a big surprise party
  • Traveling (SOLO!) to Sacramento for two nights. I stayed with Tammy and was able to see a few friends. Also, Bacon + Butter.

What I love on the web:

If you need a good cry, read this post about friendship and cancer. But really, I warned you.

If you’re a mom juggling too many things, read this post by my friend Anna. It’s one of the best motherhood essays I’ve read in a long time.

My feelings about the word BRAVE are very complicated, and this essay sums them up.

The doll I really want to buy Anna.

A post about teaching our kids to say what they mean, especially when it comes to their bodies.

A beautiful essay on faith.

And finally, this essay by two sisters about their opposite views on gay marriage. So good.


  • My grandpa’s 90th birthday party on Catalina Island
  • My dad’s 60th birthday party the following weekend
  • No school! No plans! Beach days! Culdesac happy hours! Summer!
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I'm a bit behind on all of my blog reading & it is now july and I'm just getting to this :D. BUT i have an amazing fantastic recipe for you to try. i will attempt to send it to you on pinterest. yay for new clothes via clothing swaps (so awesome) and i might be able to hook you up with a similar doll - someone in my buy nothing group on facebook makes them! let me know if you're interested!


Sounds like a great May!  Thanks for sharing a snippet of your life and some great links!  I always enjoy reading your posts.  :-)