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by Lesley on May 27, 2015 · 2 comments

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Good day, friends! I welcomed this morning with blurry eyes, as I’ve done every morning for the last week. The kids have croup, and pink eye, and an ear infection, and what seems like twenty other ailments impairing their sleep (and mine.) With Jonathan gone on a cancer survivor’s surf trip for a week, I decided to flee to my parents’ house for the Memorial Day weekend. Owen has been so sick (like, coughing so hard he barfed all over me), that I decided to stay an extra night. We’ve done puzzles and played Candy Land and watched a lot of television. Have I mentioned my parents are really great?

We also received some inconvenient news this month: we have to move. (Hold me.) Our landlord is selling our current house which means we’ve been hunting for a new rental in a town where vacancies rates are less than 1% and rent prices have shot up 12% since last year. Discouraging? YES. Absolutely yes. I’ll admit, my attitude has been somewhat of a moving target. Oh, and did I mention some of my current work load at Kidaround is shifting too? Le sigh.

Our move, and my working situation, will be great changes for our family in the long term. I believe this. I know this. But in the midst of change, I’m tired and a little weary.

In between obsessively checking Craig’s List and working on a new website, I finally finished an essay I’ve been trying to write for years. It’s about gay marriage but it’s not really about gay marriage. This is a story about friendship, and I hope it leaves you encouraged and hopeful. I’m grateful to my friend Bronwyn for encouraging me to finish this piece and publishing it on her site. Please hop over there today and let me know what you think!

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oddly enough on this topic, we have a mutual "friend" :)...more details later!


I just left a comment over at Bronwyn's place, Lesley.

And as for feeling a bit weary, who could blame you? I hope you find a new house soon, and rest and peace even sooner.