What I’m Into: November 2014

by Lesley on November 30, 2014 · 3 comments

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Books: Can I cheat and just tell you about the book I read last month, and loved? (Because in November I didn’t read so much, or at all.) The Husband’s Secret, a book club pick, is a fun and fast fiction book with lots of great characters.  I also finished a few other e-books I’ve been slowly working my way through since forever. None were all that great, but you can take a peak at my Goodreads account, if you want.

I’ll be working my way through Bonhoeffer’s God Is in the Manger: Reflections on Advent and Christmas during the month of December.

Music: All About That Bass, That’s What’s Up (Lennon & Maisy!) and Something in the Water (Carrie Underwood, love that girl.) Shake it Off is still on constant repeat, but I’ve been trying to scale back ever since Anna had a tantrum last week when I put on worship music instead.

Food: Way too much Halloween candy. Leftovers. Candy cane Jo Jos. Egg nog. Avocados coming out our ears. Our favorite crock pot white chicken chili. Two ingredient pancakes. (Oh, did I mention I tried to go Paleo for about two weeks? I wanted to lose the last of my baby weight, and then decided I’d rather just run more than give up dairy and sugar.)

TV/Movies: We snuck away on Thanksgiving Eve to get ice cream and see the latest Hunger Games movie, and I’m all caught up on Nashville.

Podcasts (new category!) Serial, because it’s so addicting, and the most enjoyable way to run, clean, or sit in traffic. I also  am LOVING Kat Lee’s Inspired to Action podcast for moms. With all of my travels and early mornings on the treadmill, I’ve worked my way through a bunch. Favorites include:

How to Transform Your Mornings

Finding (and Giving) Grace in Motherhood

Personality Types & Parenting 

Simple Ways to Pursue Excellence in Motherhood

Wearing: One of my many pairs of Zella running leggings, my Toms (because my Rainbows need a break during this “chilly” fall weather) and my faux black leather jacket (because it goes with any thing and Modern Mrs. Darcy says that cardigans can really ruin an outfit.)

A few of my favorite purchases in November: Coordinating Christmas jammies for the kids and Forever 21 Christmas sweater leggings…need I say more?

Things I loved in November:

  • Celebrating my nieces’ first birthday in Irvine. Both girls dove into their cupcakes like nobody’s business. I love seeing pieces of my brother in their faces, and it’s especially sweet that their birthday is sandwiched between Owen’s birth and my other niece, Lucy. He is so luck to have three girl cousins close in age.
  • Quality time with old friends. I miss my Sacramento community a whole lot, and seeing them all felt like a huge hug that lasted all month. And, I got to spend time with Tammy and family in San Diego, which was double fun.
  • Watching Jonathan take Anna on a date to Chick-fil-a and fro yo. The man brought her flowers and I melted. 
  • Spending a day with my dad at the Dave Ramsey SMART conference in Los Angeles. We heard from a bunch of great speakers, but mostly I just loved time alone with him to catch up.

Anticipating: I can’t wait to practice Advent with Anna this year. We started using an Advent calendar last year, but this year I got a little more organized and intentional, and we’re adding the Sunday practice of candle lighting at dinner. Someone recommended the Advent Storybook and we’re planning to use this cute, age appropriate book to help our kids understand the biblical Christmas story. Each day’s calendar pocket also has an activity/event/good deed plus a birthday candle. By December 24, we’ll have enough candles for two dozen birthday cupcakes.

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Seeing you in November was my favorite.


oh and I almost got Anna and Owen the same pjs I got mine, I thought you would probably get your own :)  I can't wait for them to come!  Maybe they are the same ones :)

LesleyM moderator

@katiebrown I got them Carter's pjs...Owen has black and white reindeer and Anna has red and white stripes. I love Christmas pajamas! We have been wearing them nonstop. :)

LesleyM moderator

@katiebrown So fun! I love the advent season. Anna is super into it this year! That book looks great.