Long live summer

by Lesley on August 23, 2014 · 5 comments

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Jonathan’s playing basketball tonight so naturally I’m home eating Rocky Road ice cream…because if I can’t exercise I might as well do the opposite, right? I hope he burns enough calories for the both of us.

It’s been awhile since I posted an update about life around our house, so here’s a quick update even though I’m way late for Leigh’s July link-up, and way early for the September one.

I present to you a recap of the last six weeks: 



We have been totally and completely in love with summer in this town. The buzz of tourists, the smell of saltwater, the chlorine scent on my kids’ heads…it’s all intoxicating. After the mellow craziness of last summer (only moms of newborns will understand that oxymoron) all of us are enjoying the ability to get out of the house. I can’t even tell you how many beach walks and picnics we’ve done in the last six weeks.

As for celebrations, there have been plenty. Both my sister AND brother (in-laws) got engaged in the last few weeks! Sarah just sent me links to the ring bearer and flower girl ensembles. You guys, this is about as close as I’ll ever get to pageant mom and I can’t WAIT. 



We also celebrated Owen’s first birthday with a family party at Doheny State Beach, and Anna’s third birthday with a Thomas the Train party in our yard. For some reason I really believed they needed separate parties but as fun as they were, I should have just combined their special days while I had the chance. In a few years I won’t be able to get away with that trick, you know?


Jonathan and I decided to have Owen dedicated when he turned one, just like we did with Anna. Our church thoughtfully prepared us for his dedication with podcasts, homework and a small celebration the night before with a few other families. Owen was perfectly charming on stage. Anna, however, kept slipping her hand up my dress…which was awkward to say the least. (Speaking of charming–do you like her “I refuse to smile for the camera” face?)



Fun alert! We got to see a bunch of friends over the last six weeks. Ashlee visited in July for a few days with Everett and I had so much fun showing her my new home. Kelly and sweet Piper,  Janelle, Bethie, Justin and Tricia, and Dana were all in the SB area for various reasons, too. I’m learning that beach towns tend to draw people to visit which is great for us because we get to do fun things like ride the carousel and go wine tasting and eat a lot.


Speaking of the beach, Janelle and I spent a hilariously chaotic afternoon together at Refugio. Let’s just say that taking four children (three and under) to the beach might have been ambitious.


Over the course of a few weeks I read The Invention of Wings which was SO SO good. I tend to read a lot of non-fiction and was hoping to dive into a great fiction book this summer. I highly recommend Sue Monk Kidd’s newest novel which is all about slavery, abolition, and women’s rights.


In early August we celebrated our first FIESTA weekend since forever ago. If you’re not familiar with Santa Barbara’s Old Spanish Days, it’s basically a five day festival with parties all over town, a carnival, a parade, and really yummy churros. Anna learned how to crack confetti eggs- a HUGE hit- and I was reminded about the charm of small town living.



Anna finished up her first session of swim lessons on Thursday. I’ve been taking her to the YMCA twice a week, and while she is by no means swimming, we’ve enjoyed seeing small successes in the water. She smiles through most of the class, but I still think her favorite part is the warm shower when it’s over. Those gym showers I tell ya. Phew, they’re fun.

I’ve been hard at work on Kidaround’s next issue, which debuts on Thursday. (Yay!) Over the last few weeks I’ve been just wanting to veg out after the kids fall asleep, so Jonathan and I spent many nights glued to the most recent season of 24. The show is still unrealistic and way too gory, BUT I’VE LOVED EVERY SECOND.


Last week we celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary by taking the whole family to see a country music cover band at a local park. It was a lovely night until Jonathan dropped his stroller on our toe and I got stung by a bee…all within 30 seconds. I was so shocked by the whole thing that I was in hysterics–laughing and then sobbing at the same time. The next day we left for TWO WHOLE NIGHTS ALONE in Los Angeles where we sat by the pool, ate amazing food, read, got a massage, and saw Boyhood. (Which you should totally see, by the way.)

This week we have no plans! No work. No swim lessons. No MOPS. No home group. It’s our final week before all the fall commitments start up, including preschool. (Preschool!!!) We plan to soak up every last drop of summer.

How have you spent these last, lingering days?

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That should read Love (sans the comma) -eek! otherwise looks like I am calling you Love :) haah


Love, getting a little glimpse in your life. Makes my heart happy...and a tad bit homesick for sweet, Santa Barbara. sigh. Love summer in SB.