8 of my very best gift ideas for (second) babies

by Lesley on July 16, 2014 · 2 comments

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I was really blown away by the response to my post last week about there not being a one-sized fits all method for raising kids. You guys, that post has been floating around in my head for MONTHS but I knew I wanted to say it well, and write it right, and offer encouragement to anyone feeling alone. Based on the huge number of likes on Facebook, I think it resonated with a few of you. Thank you for saying so and making me feel less alone.

I wish I had the energy and time to write posts like that all the time. Unfortunately, today, I have about 15 minutes before Owen wakes up and my blogging time is done for the day. And so, I bring you, a quick list of gift ideas for second babies.

When Owen was born I decided not to register again for baby items. I’d registered for my wedding, and registered for Anna’s birth, and I felt uncomfortable registering again for another baby. I don’t know what the etiquette is on this but it just didn’t feel right for us. We were blessed with very generous and unique gifts after he was born. A lot of people gave us items that I’d never have thought to purchase!

Here are a few gift ideas for second babies:

1. Carter’s Footie Pajamas : I like having lots of pajamas on hand for my kids. They grow so fast in the first year, and they spit-up and poop like nobodies business. In my opinion, there is no such thing as too many pajamas. Get the zip-up kind for faster diaper changes and don’t be afraid to gift these in larger sizes.

Which brings me to my next point…

2. Bigger sized clothing : Everyone loves buying newborn outfits, but a lot of babies outgrow the newborn size quickly. And until kids are between 3-6 months old, they live in onesies and pajamas. If you’re going to spend money on an adorable outfit, buy them in 6-12 month sizes, or even 12 months and up, and think about the appropriate season too. This is especially important for a mom who is having a different gender baby than her first, or who is having a baby born in the opposite season.

3. Burp cloths : I feel about burp cloths the way I feel about pajamas…which is…there is no such thing as too many! My favorite kind are the aden + anais muslin burpy bib because they’re so soft and can also be used to catch drool during the teething months. (I also love all the homemade options on Etsy!) This is a particularly good option to buy for the mom who is having a different gender than her first.

4. The Robeez crib shoe : Perfect for the crawler/early walker stage because these shoes actually stay on kids’ feet. My children were gifted adorable baby shoes but barely wore them because they rarely stay on their little feet. If you’re going to buy shoes, get Robeez or something similar. I promise the person you’re buying for will love this gift.

5. A unique winter hat : This is one of my favorite things to buy a new baby. I’m partial to all the sweet animal options on Etsy. This elephant is a favorite because the gray would match with almost anything.

6. Monogrammed bath towels: We have these Pottery Barn towels, but all of their animal option are also so stink’ cute.  Baby #2 might wear a lot of hand-me-downs, but he/she shouldn’t have to share a bath towel!

7. Gift for mama : There is nothing sweeter than a pedicure gift certificate or a new robe for the hospital. My friend Sharon bought me a small Serena and Lily clutch to hold my wallet and phone so that I could easily transfer all my personal items between diaper bag and purse. Thoughtful and practical!

8. Money towards a double stroller : Because mommies needs to get out of the house, and double strollers are pricey!

Still need a few more ideas? Unique artwork for the nursery / HALO sleepsacksTrumpette socks

What’s your favorite gift to buy new babies?

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ditto on the pj's, towels, and burpy bibs! I love aden & anais swaddling blankets too.  for a second baby, I tend to just do an outfit & most of the time i'll sew new burp rags and throw in a newborn hat I've crocheted. mind you, I now have two very active children and have no idea when i'll have time for things like that again, but in the past that's what I've done! homemade wins every time :)

LesleyM moderator

@marisaloper I wish I could do homemade, because, you're right...it totally wins!