Chaos and Cheerios

by Lesley on June 15, 2014 · 0 comments

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If you follow me on Instagram, you probably noticed we had special friends at our house this week. Sharon, Sam and their girls came for four nights and we soaked up the late nights, early mornings, and the pure chaos that comes with two crawlers and two (almost) preschoolers. You guys should see the amount of Cheerios smashed into our carpet.

Sharon and I were lucky enough to be pregnant together both times, and our two sets of children were each born six weeks apart. One of the hardest parts about leaving Sacramento was watching our girls say goodbye to each other. Eden and Anna have known each other since they were babies…


…and now they’re practically all grown up.


Sharon and Sam were also here to see Jeremiah and Kristi, who live just a few blocks away. Kristi and Jeremiah were in town last summer when I went into labor with Owen, and we hoped that maybe she’d go into labor this weekend so the Melvins could meet the baby. Baby K didn’t cooperate, unfortunately, but with all the child chasing Kristi did over the last few days, I have no doubt we helped move things along.


Highlights of the weekend include: a run with Sharon (sans children!) a girls night at The Palace (one of our favorite restaurants in Santa Barbara) watching our kids make rocket ships in the backyard (out of old boxes) talking with Sharon about the book Simplicity Parenting
(and how we hope to cultivate our children’s imaginations), a couples only breakfast to Summerland Beach Cafe (another favorite place we’ve loved since college), time at the beach (did you know babies love eating sand?) and a barbecue last night with lots of old Westmont friends (cornhole! margaritas! rice krispy treats! no pictures because I was too busy holding a little boy who likes to be held!)


While pajama breakfasts are too few and far between these days, and while we’ll definitely appreciate the day when we can all sleep in past 6:00am, I don’t think there is anything sweeter than these four faces.

Chaos and Cheerios? That’s the good life.

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