Our 10 Month Baby Man

by Lesley on May 15, 2014 · 5 comments

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10 mo

Dear Owen,

You are 10 months old! Please don’t ask me what you weigh, or how tall you are, because I don’t have good answers for those questions. I can tell you this: you are BIG, you (still) love milk more than food, and your mama more than anything else. Oh, and your hair continues to grow at a speed I can’t comprehend–you just got your FOURTH haircut this month.

In the past few weeks you’ve started doing this ridiculous army crawl/lurch which looks uncomfortable but is oddly efficient. I’m convinced you’re happier now that you can move, although I can’t say I’m loving your new found freedom. Today I caught you pulling yourself up on our new fan and playing with the electrical cords. “NO, Owen!” I said, with my stern mom voice. You know what you did? You flashed me one of your award winning smiles and crawled right back. You are very, very persistent. Every night when I put you down to sleep I pray the same thing: “God, please help me to shape Owen’s strong will, without breaking his sweet spirit.”

Which brings us to your sleep habits.

At 10 months old, you’re finally taking fairly consistent naps every day (LORD BLESS YOU) but why are you still waking up in the middle of the night asking for milk? Seriously, buddy? You know, if you ate a little more of the food I offered, I think you’d be less hungry at 2:45am. While I’ve had a mostly good attitude about your waking habits, Mama is closing up shop this week. We’re entering our last and final round of sleep training. Hopefully by next week you’ll be a baby who sleeps through the night consistently. (Crossing fingers! Crossing fingers!)

We continue to be amazed by how much you LOVE to be held. One would think the world is ending when I don’t drop everything I’m doing to pick you up, but then you flash your smile and time seems to stop. You are such a giggly, happy baby when full attention is on you. Your smile is going to take you places, I can already tell. It’s especially precious at the moment because you’re rocking two middle bottom teeth and ONE top fang.

We’ve discovered you have a love for swimming, sand, toys that make noises, wrestling with your sister, baths, saying, “Dadda” and swinging. We love to watch Anna bring you her toys and stuffed monkey, and so far you’ve done okay when she steals them right back.

There’s only two months left to enjoy your babyhood, and I’m soaking up your smell and chub and cuddles as much as I can because I know your squirmy body will soon be running away from me.

We love you, Little Man. We love you so very much.



beach boy


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Lindsay M
Lindsay M

I love your prayer for Owen!  That is a great reminder in how to pray for Siena.  That girl is strong willed!  (Though, being the firstborn child of two firstborn parents, one can hardly blame her).    

Also, your descriptions of Owen remind me so much of my nephew, who is also a July birthday.  He loves his Mama and makes his opinions/wants very loud and clear.  But that smile of his?  It could melt the most frozen of hearts.  


Owen already looks older from when I saw him! I pray the same thing for Isaiah, that God would help me shape his strong will but not crush his sweet spirit! It's so hard! It's really a good thing that they are so cute :) 

LesleyM moderator

@katiebrown  I think it's probably his haircut. Weird how cutting off an inch adds a few months to his face. :) I'm glad you're a little ahead of me in parenting a strong willed boy. I could use some tips! 


and the waking up at night (still at 10 months) for milk is why aria got dropped cold turkey from nursing. happily, I will say upon doing that she quit waking up at night at all and now sleeps 12-13 hours a night! imagine that...


LesleyM moderator

@marisaloper  We actually started the sleep training two nights ago (I wrote this on the 13th but never posted it!) and he woke up last night but put himself back to sleep until 6:30am. It gives me hope we're almost done with this ridiculous 2:45am business.

Also, we should let our children get married. I bet they'd create little night wakers who'd pay them back for their shenanigans! :) So glad you are getting sleep and that I'm not alone in this!