Lightening storms and happy hearts

by Lesley on May 2, 2014 · 2 comments

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The sun is setting on our week long family getaway to the Outer Banks, North Carolina with Jonathan’s entire family. This trip has been on our calendar for a year, and despite stormy weather we’ve had a fantastic time. It’s been too long since we’ve had a full week to play and explore and eat without schedules or agendas. We’ve spent hours in the pool and jacuzzi, watched thunder and lightening storms, caught up on a few movies, eaten lots of incredible seafood and dessert, watched cousins play together, and dreamed about the next trip. There are 12 of us now, you see, and we’ve all decided that renting a big house on the beach is pretty much the best idea we’ve ever had. Ever.

I thought I’d spend a little more time writing and reading this week, but it turns out that children are still children on vacation. I can’t say we’ve done lots of relaxing, but I sure feel happy.

Here are a few great articles from around the web…happy weekend! 

More than anything, I want my children to grow up to love Jesus, love others, and still love and respect their parents. I think this article is brilliant: Setting the stage for our kids to confide in us.

I always enjoy posts which encourage me to create words that matter. Sharon’s recent post, The Parable of the Winter Tomato, is refreshing, honest and so wise. I also loved Micha’s post, An Invitation to Slow Work.

I’m done making my kid’s childhood magical…but boy am I tempted to!

This makes me miss Sacramento, like, a lot.

I needed to read a post like this after moving: Anthropologie Hooks and Feeling at Home.


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Thanks so much for sharing my post, Leslie. I appreciate it!

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@michaboyett  Love the ways your writing challenges me, and affirms how I feel too. So, thank YOU!