What I’m Into (March 2014)

by Lesley on March 31, 2014 · 2 comments

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…Here’s a little peak at what I’ve been into this past month…

Books: Despite it being a really busy month, I did have some time to read on my girls’ cruise. (Oh, wait! I never mentioned that I went on a cruise in March to Mexico. Three nights with five of my good friends minus Jenny who we missed very much. The timing was both terrible and wonderful because Jonathan and his dad had to do a lot of our house packing. Great for me, awful for them.)

Anyway- books I read: She’s Gonna Blow, Forever Erma, and Known and Loved: 52 Devotions from the Psalms (still working my way through this one.) A winner from February was A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table

I did much less blog reading this month because I took my reader app off  to help curb some of my phone use. I feel generally happy and satisfied with my new phone boundaries. Anyone else trying to cut back on phone use?

Music: A little bit of the Frozen soundtrack, because, everyone is listening to it and Dana’s road trip CD which included the NBC Olympic medley and a bunch of other great songs. (Thanks, Dana!) As of tonight I’m also officially into Sam Smith (thanks SNL!) 

Food: Let’s just say I packed on some pounds in March due to my cruise and moving. For half the month we worked our way through freezer and pantry staples, and last week we lived off pizza and a few meals from generous friends. I’m happy to have a kitchen again. I’m also very, very thrilled about Santa Barbara favorites: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, The Habit and Blenders.

TV/Movies:  I watched absolutely nothing on TV this entire month. Did I mention we moved and it took every last ounce of my energy?

Wearing: Jeans and sandals! (Helloooo Southern California uniform of choice!) Also, my box just arrived tonight from ThredUp and I love everything I ordered. The polka dot box it came in made the whole thing even more fun than I thought it’d be! 

A few other things I’m into this month which don’t fit anywhere else: family beach walks, The Little Free Library in our neighborhood, and living in a house with two bathrooms. (ANGELS ARE SINGING!)

Anticipating: My parents visiting this weekend, Sundays at our new church, starting my new job, family vacation in late April to the Outer Banks.

Any good music, book, tv, movie or recipe suggestions? You can link-up with What I’m Into by clicking here with Leigh Kramer. 

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Leigh Kramer
Leigh Kramer

A cruise in Mexico sounds like the perfect way to prepare for a move and new job. Kudos!