Ugly faces, used clothes and writing on trains

by Lesley on March 28, 2014 · 4 comments

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After the craziest two weeks of all time, we’re now Santa Barbara dwellers. I am still pinching myself. Did this really happen? Did we really just pack up our entire house and move to the beach? We did. It’s CRAZYTOWN. We packed up on Sunday, had a fantastic goodbye party on Sunday night, drove all day Monday, unloaded the moving van on Monday night, and have been unpacking ever since.

Here are a few reads and links from around the web. Enjoy! 

This ugly faces video led to a massive chain of texts from my college girlfriends posing with our own ugly faces.

The whole World Vision fiasco is the latest example of Christians tearing each other apart online. I can’t handle it. Bronwyn Lea hits the nail on the head with her My dear Wormwood, About World Vision

I would DIE if I were chosen for this Amtrak residency experience. Writing? By myself? On a train? Pick me! Pick me!

How to get a woman to show up (YES and YES.)

This article is for all the women who feel guilty hiring a babysitter or housecleaner or nanny or whatever: When a stay-at-home mom needs hired help. 

Now that we’re beach people again, I need a few new clothing items. I own only one pair of shorts and one zip up hoodie. Travesty! I’m trying ThredUp for the first time this month. I spent $50 and I’ll be receiving a (gently used) J.Crew tank top, Gap and J.Crew shorts, a Target zip-up sweatshirt, and four items of clothing for Anna. I can’t wait to get my box! Try it and you’ll get $10 off (and I’ll get a $10 kick-back. Thanks!)

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Santa Barbara! Happy settling-in. :) (Am I crazy, or did you go to Westmont?)

LOVE that Amtrak residency. I hadn't seen that before, but that sounds pretty amazing. 


I read the article about when stay at home moms need hired help... I thought it was very interesting when she mentioned the Proverbs 31 woman... that she would have had "help" doing those tasks... I learned something new! She didn't do it all on her own... it's always good to read scripture in context, and study it well :)  

LesleyM moderator

@katiebrown  I agree! I've been reading a lot about the Proverbs 31 woman, and I think Christians tend to idolize her as a woman who did everything herself, and who did everything in the home. But she was actually very entrepreneurial too...and worked outside the home as well as inside. We'll have to chat more about her on vacation. :)

Bronwyn Lea
Bronwyn Lea

Thanks for including me, friend! Thinking of you on the sunny beach in Santa Barbara!