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by Lesley on February 18, 2014 · 3 comments

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Gentleman, I give you permission to skip right over this post. Ladies, this one is for you.

Today’s post is all about shopping, which isn’t a topic I usually cover. I don’t consider myself a particularly stylish dresser, although I also don’t think I’m a bad dresser either. I try to keep up on trends, but I’m never one to try something unless it’s become popular. (I resisted skinny jeans FAR too long!) As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned how to dress right for my body type but I still make strange choices every once-in-awhile. My biggest shopping mistake, in my opinion, is that I continue to buy cheaply made clothes from places like Target and Old Navy. Sometimes my cheap purchases make me happy temporarily, but they never end up being my favorite, long lasting pieces.

I’ve been hearing about Stitch Fix ever since Anne at Modern Mrs. Darcy started her reviews last year. I decided that once I lost most of my remaining baby weight I’d try out the service. Earlier this month, as a birthday gift to myself, I did just that.

Here’s how it works:

  • Create a Stitch Fix profile, which asks you lots and lots and lots of questions about your style preferences, sizes and clothing needs.
  • Pay a $20 styling fee (which will be put towards your purchase, if you make one).
  • Wait for a big box to arrive on your doorstep with five perfectly chosen items.

My fix came last week and it was just as fun as I’d hoped. I’m in a stage of life where it’s nearly impossible to get to the mall by myself. To be able to try on new clothes while the kids were napping…well…it was awesome.


I actually loved every item in the box although the cargo capris and green chevron maxi dress didn’t fit. Of the items that did fit, these were my favorites:


stripe top

“My stylist” definitely figured me out. I have a thing for stripes, can you tell?

I fell in love with the Eight Sixty Kourt Striped Maxi Dress which was very flattering, super soft and long. (Tall girls can have trouble finding maxi dresses that fit, can I get an amen?) Of all the items in my box, I really, really wanted to keep this dress because it’s so versatile. I just know I’d wear it all summer long…to the park…to barbecues…to church. (It. was. PERFECT!) But, alas, this baby came in at $130ish dollars which, to be quite blunt, is way over my budget. While I’m willing to pay a bit more for clothing than I have in the past, I’m not yet ready to spend over $100 on a casual summer dress. Ultimately I decided to peruse and found a very similar dress for less than half the cost. I’m hoping it might work for me instead.

Stitch Fix includes a style sheet containing why each item was sent, as well as photos depicting styling suggestions. Even though I didn’t end up keeping anything, I loved this feature because it helped me to consider what I already own, and what I might want to add to my wardrobe in future months.

styling ideas 2

My overall feeling about Stitch Fix? It’s very fun and super convenient but pricey. Had the items been a little less, I probably would have purchased at least one item. But, despite not keeping anything in my box, I don’t feel like I wasted money. I loved trying on clothes I likely wouldn’t have chosen myself because it opened my eyes to new fashion ideas. I was also reminded that when clothes FEEL good and FIT right, I wear them more.

I think I’ll probably try Stitch Fix again at some point. If you’re curious about the service, please use my referral link and give it a shot.

p.s. Happy Birthday Hachoo!

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I've never heard of this. Definitely trying it!


oh, I love the stripped items too-- I have been SO curious about Stitch Fix. And you almost convinced me--- until the $100 dress part :/ I sometimes feel like with nursing, I wear the same 3 shirts. ALL. THE. TIME. Love the idea of someone helping me find some new styles/clothes. Maybe there's a Guatemalan equivalent--- a girl can dream. 


I feel exactly the same about Stitch Fix (minus the part about not being able to go shopping because of kidlets)!  It's fun, gives you ideas for how to style what you already have, offers some quality items, but is generally quite a bit over my budget.  I've done it two or three times, and since a couple people used my referral link, I got one fix free!  Hope you get lots of referrals so you can keep trying stuff without always spending $20. :-)