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by Lesley on September 23, 2013 · 2 comments

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Did you notice I disappeared last week? This funny thing happened where after I said Owen was sleeping a little better (emphasis on LITTLE) but he basically went back to his old baby ways right after that post went live. So of course I read yet another book on baby sleep habits, because no matter how many times God has tried to teach me that I can’t control everything going on in my children’s lives, I still thought maybe I could figure out why this kid won’t close his little eyes.

Here’s what I have to say about baby sleep books: they all contradict each other, and I’m officially convinced none of them work.¬†

I miss my sleep people. I miss it so much.

But I can’t blame my blogging absence completely on Owen. We had all sorts of other things going on in addition to rocking and shushing and diaper changing.

Mom’s Connection started this month (yay!) but Anna hates childcare again (boo!) I can’t wait to dive into the study and get to know another group of fun women. Bible study started too–we’re reading through Ruth this fall–and I got to see all my wonderful friends after a summer off.

Jonathan had his six month PET scan last Friday morning, and got results by late afternoon. (No cancer!) This test was a big one for him in several ways. Neither of us wanted Owen’s first year to look like Anna’s first year, for obvious reasons, plus if his cancer had returned the course of treatment would be very intense. Now that he’s over a year out from his last chemo we can rest a bit easier knowing that although his cancer could return, his chance for beating it would still be good.

Our weekends have been spent catching up on house chores like clearing out the rain gutters, getting a big girl bed painted and set-up for Anna, buying Owen a crib and setting it up, looking for kids bedding,¬†shopping for fall clothes (children are expensive!), watching Jonathan in the Ovarian Run 5K, and watching the Seahawks kill the 49ers on Sunday night football. I know, I know…our life is enthralling.¬†

Despite my lack of blogging, I’ve been making some progress on my writing. The proposal is still out with several publishers, and I’d love your prayers something might happen in September. (And by something, I mean a contract!) I’ve also started meeting with three local Redbud writers, and I took a fabulous workshop last Saturday in midtown.

Oh, and I realized I completely forgot to mention we went down to Orange County a few weeks ago to see our families and shower Owen with love. My mom threw a “low key” baby shower for family and friends to meet Owen. For anyone who knows my mom, she doesn’t do anything low key even if she says so. The sports themed shower was adorable and delicious and very memorable. I’m so glad that most of our family was able to meet him while he’s still little. Even Katie flew out from North Carolina with Isaiah, the cutest nephew to ever exist. She posted a lot of cute photos of the weekend on her blog. (And, in case anyone is curious, Isaiah will remain my only nephew for awhile. Katie is due with a GIRL in February, and my brother’s wife, Lauren, is due with twin girls in November. Holy baby paloozza!)

photo 1

Owen meeting his great grandma, “GG” for the first time

photo 2

Owen with one of his many wife prospects, Luci.

Other weekend highlights include introducing Anna to my favorite childhood pools and the lagoon, taking the kids to Balboa Island with my sister (and drinking Starbucks on the sand), a date night with Jonathan, a big family beach day at Irvine Cove, and meeting my agent Chris in person for the first time.

photo 5

Owen and Grand-Dude reading the morning paper


And just for fun, a photo of Anna in the same spot two years ago

So I guess when I write it all out, life has just been plain busy. I don’t make the bed anymore but everyone is ALIVE and well, besides the whole sleep deprivation thing. Tonight Anna is sleeping in her big girl bed for the first time (tear!) so send some good sleep prayers our way, people. We could all use them!

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