10 ways we’re frugal with our finances

by Lesley on September 3, 2013 · 1 comment

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Last week I reviewed a great new e-book called It’s Your Money: What Will You Do With It? In the book Eric outlines a few ways that he and his wife are frugal, and confesses some ways they are not. I thought I’d make my own list for you. I always find it fascinating to hear how people cut dollars, so maybe there’s an idea or two you can implement.

These are a few ways we are frugal:

  • We don’t have cable. (Hulu and Netflix, baby!)
  • We rarely go to the movies, and we hardly ever get snacks when we’re there.
  • Jonathan does simple car repairs instead of paying for them.
  • We re-did our own front yard instead of hiring help. (Although I’m all for hiring help if we re-do our yard.)
  • We will likely never again buy a brand new car. (Buying our used CRV was just as exciting as when we purchased Jonathan’s new Accord, but it was much, much less expensive.)
  • We take advantage of Amazon Prime and Amazon Mom.
  • I’m careful with buying new clothes and rarely buy things I can’t wear for multiple years. (Shoes are one exception- my feet are so big that I often buy cheap shoes that only last one season.)
  • I buy a lot of our children’s clothes and toys secondhand.
  • All of our furniture is second hand except for our couch (which we purchased) and our bedroom furniture (a generous wedding gift!)

These are a few ways we aren’t frugal: 

  • We buy Apple products, and we both have iPhones.
  • We rarely use coupons at the store, even though I love it when I do.
  • We use disposable diapers.
  • We take a lot of vacations. (Since our family all lives out of the area, we spend a lot on gas and plane tickets each year. Plus we both do an annual friend trip, and our usually at least a few nights away as a couple.)
  • We eat out more than we should. We also both visit coffee shops frequently. (Jonathan for a caffeine fix, me to have a place to write outside the house.)
  • I love giving presents and  we’re blessed with a wonderful community so most months there are always multiple birthdays, weddings, graduations, showers, etc.

How do you save money? And, if you’re not careful, what things usually throw your budget off?

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