Choosing to Nap, and Other Friday Advice

by Lesley on August 2, 2013 · 8 comments

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As you might guess, it’s become more of a challenge to blog during this sweet newborn season. In some ways it feels like Anna and I have settled back into our daily routine albeit with 8 breastfeeding sessions, 10 more diaper changes, another bath routine, and a lot of toddler AND baby cuddles.

My hands are always full, my hair in need of a good wash, my eyes a bit tired, and my heart very happy.

I’m doing my best to take care of myself, and that means napping when the kiddos are napping. Most days I ask myself, “Nap or blog? Nap or clean? Nap or call a friend?” I think my lack of blogging indicates what choice I’ve been making.

Owen is, so far, an easy baby. He sleeps a lot and generally only fusses during the early morning and late evening. When he does fuss it’s almost ALWAYS because he needs to burp. It’s so funny to hear him belch and then feel his whole body relax.

While we’re only three weeks into this new chapter, I can already say parenting a newborn is much easier now that we’ve done it before. It’s easier to read his needs, and I’m less stressed by his cries. I also know just how fast these days are passing, and I find myself enjoying them more simply because they end quickly.

That does not mean, however, that every moment is peaches and cream. There have been two times this week when (at 1:00am) I yelled at Jonathan to “DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE FUSSING SO I CAN SLEEP!” I had to laugh today when I read some newborn advice on Cup of Jo. It said, “Remember, your spouse is not the enemy. The baby is the enemy.”

The week ahead I get to see three wonderful girlfriends. Andrea, Brett and Scout are stopping in tomorrow night; Lisa comes on Monday to see Owen, and Lori, Dan and Luci will pop by next Wednesday. I probably won’t be blogging much but you can bet I’ll be soaking in good conversation and hopefully some rest.

In the meantime, until I get my groove back, here are a few finds from around the web. (I’ve been doing LOTS of reading on my phone while Owen nurses. Hope you like these articles as much as I did.)

My one and only original parenting tip (hint: a brilliant response to use when your kiddos hurts themselves.)

This is my life: For every woman who’s ever spent $100 at Target and had her husband say, “What did you buy?!?”

An interesting interview with Brene Brown: The church should be more like a midwife than an epidural. 

Not sure what to eat this weekend? Go for a perfectly delicious tomato sandwich.

The first thing I noticed when Kate and William stepped out with Prince George? Her tummy! Love this post: In which I thank the Duchess of Cambridge (p.s. Kate’s boldness in not hiding her tummy inspired me to post my own photo in front of the hospital, above.)

7 Keys to Planning Your Career Path

Happy Weekend, everyone!

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