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by Lesley on July 5, 2013 · 4 comments

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read to meThe cutest toddler chevron shorts and the shirt Anna is currently obsessed with wearing.

Boys with Sisters Are Less Likely to Do Chores When They Grow Up “Boys with sisters are less likely to be asked to help with chores than boys without sisters. The difference is largest with one chore in particular, for whatever reason: doing the dishes. Boys with sisters are about 13 percent less likely to do the dishes than boys with brothers.”

How to Be Better at Email (Hint: if you want a reply, ask simple questions.)

Don’t Let Women’s Ministry Turn People Into Projects “A match made in a church office somewhere of an older woman plus a younger woman will not cultivate a fruit-producing discipleship relationship in either woman. It takes a friendship to do that.”

Why I Want to Choose the Disadvantaged Local School (And Why I Might Not) “I know we are not the first group of starry-eyed yuppies in an emerging neighborhood who think we can draw our struggling local school into the renaissance.”

My favorite Nordies leggings, which go on sale later this month!

A new book on multigenerational living


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