Snack Idea: Tillamook Yogurt Popsicles

by Lesley on June 11, 2013 · 2 comments

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anna with yogurt

It doesn’t take a whole lot to make this little girl happy. We spend most afternoons in the backyard coloring with chalk, swinging, blowing bubbles or playing in the water. I think Anna prefers life in a bathing suit, and honestly, I don’t blame her. As a kid, summer was always my favorite time of year but as a mom it’s even better. Caring for a toddler in the summer versus the winter is much, much easier even in the feeding department!

I usually give Anna a snack when she gets up from her nap. Lately she’s been requesting some of her favorites: smoothies (“moomies”), apple slices, crackers, cheese and popsicles. Since it’s so hot these days, and because I’m all about strategic parenting, I’ve been giving her frozen (translation: MESSY) treats during afternoon playtime because she can easily be hosed down when she’s done. Yes and yes.

Recently Tillamook contacted me and asked if they could send Anna some of their yogurts to sample. We love, love, love Tillamook cheese around here plus we’re also BIG yogurt eaters. (I usually buy plain or greek yogurt from Trader Joe’s and eat it with fruit for breakfast, or I add it to smoothies.) I figured that since we like Tillamook cheese so much we should try their yogurt too.

When Anna’s yogurt package arrived a few weeks ago it came with a little stuffed cow she’s been carrying around for days, and a few other fun kid activities. But, just like her mother, she was most interested in the food. A girl after my own heart. I decided we’d try two of the yogurts for breakfast and turn the other two into yogurt popsicles.

Tillamook sent us four flavors to sample: light vanilla bean, marionberry, light strawberry and raspberry. Jonathan quickly snagged the marionberry because, after being raised in the Pacific Northwest, he has a thing for marionberries. I stole a bite and definitely would buy this flavor for myself. I also tried the light vanilla bean which was didn’t taste “light.” I usually don’t buy light or low calorie foods because I don’t like the artificial taste, but this yogurt tasted delish.

Recently on Pinterest I saw a quick and unique idea: stick wooden popsicles sticks into individual yogurts to make yogurt pops. So easy, right? No work for mom, plus yogurt has lots of good probiotics and calcium. I decided to try this little trick with the Tillamook samples.

When Anna woke up from her nap last Thursday, she was HANGRY (as evidenced by this non-staged photo.) Most days she’s a sweetie pie, but this photo is proof she struggles with a little thing called patience. Note: if you make these for your toddler, don’t announce “popsicles!” until you’ve given the yogurt pop a few minutes to de-thaw and be pulled out from the container. Waiting was just too much for this stinker.

begging for yogurt

Anna loved her Tillamook yogurt pop and it kept her busy for at least 15 minutes which I consider a total win. I stole a few licks too, and still have the remaining yogurt in our freezer to try this week.

I think these Tillamook pops might become a summertime staple for us! Since they don’t have any artificial flavors, colors, or high fructose corn syrup, they’re certainly better than many of the sugary popsicle options. (Not to say I don’t buy those sometimes!) And, they’re really easy to make. Thanks, Tillamook! Check out Tillamook’s Pinterest page for more yogurt ideas from moms around the country.

Disclaimer: Occasionally companies offer to send me products to review. I received these Tillamook yogurts for free, but I was not compensated monetarily for this post. Additionally, you can be sure I’m giving my honest opinion about this product and all products I review. 

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moomies! cute!! I run my popcicles under warm water for 30 seconds or so and out they pop!


She's totally cute in both pictures!