Strategic vs. Lazy Parenting

by Lesley on June 3, 2013 · 18 comments

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There’s lazy parenting, and then there’s strategic parenting.

Lazy parenting is not setting limits, or not thinking about how certain decisions might impact a child in the years to come.

Strategic parenting, on the other hand, is taking sanity saving shortcuts. Here are just a few examples of what I like to call strategic parenting… 

Anna’s bathing suit is never required or encouraged if we’re in our own backyard. I only put it on if she insists (and usually she does. So modest.)

Sometimes, a lot of times, I put Anna’s water table in the shade so that I don’t have to put sunscreen on her body.

Occasionally I’ve been known to bring Anna in the shower with me so as to avoid a full length bath.

Hose water is never off limits. And don’t tell me she’ll get cancer from drinking hose water. I really don’t have a sense of humor about that kind of thing.

Elmo is a absolutely necessary some afternoons when I’m trying to make dinner. 15-30 minutes isn’t going to kill her. (See above photo for proof of zombie television viewing.)

Most of our kitchen cabinets are off-limits, except for one containing all Anna’s plastic cups. She often tears this cabinet apart 3-5 times a day. If her “organizing” allows me time to clean up breakfast, I consider this a win.

My iPhone is not a toy…unless we are in a doctor’s office waiting room, an airplane, or she’s about to fall asleep in the car. Then she can do whatever she wants with my expensive piece of technology.

Feel free to leave your own strategic parenting moves in the comment section!

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