Winter’s Come and Gone

by Lesley on May 27, 2013 · 3 comments

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These days are ordinary days, but they’re some of the best days. All of us seem to be soaking up life’s simple pleasures. Early mornings in a quiet house, iced chai lattes on the front porch swing, newly planted succulents, working hard and playing hard and resting hard all in the same day. Life this month feels very, well, balanced. And that’s both a rare and wonderful state of being.

About six weeks ago Jonathan took on our biggest home project to date: the front lawn. As a result, our once embarrassing jungle of patchy weed grass has been transformed. We have trees now! And the grass is one length and one color! On Thursday Anna and I waited for her daddy to arrive home by eating Wheat Thins on the porch swing, blowing bubbles, and rolling around on our new green carpet.

{Let’s be real here: she did a lot more rolling and running than I did. I don’t roll these days, I sit and try to not get up unless there’s an emergency.}

When Jonathan’s car pulled up, Anna shrieked like she always does when he arrives home. I love watching her run-waddle into his arms. Our girl doesn’t run very often, but when she seems him there’s a determination to her quick and tiny steps. As he threw her high into the air I watched a new moment unfold–a moment I tried to capture by photo because I never want it to fade from memory. I’m afraid the sky will never again be this blue, and she will never again be this little, her hair this blond, her eyes this wide, her giggles so authentic.

Yes, the grass might give our home much better curbside appeal, but more importantly we’re creating memories here that we weren’t before. 

The backyard is (cough) not quite as beautiful as the front yard. That’s next summer’s project, we hope. But after a Sunday spent mowing, blowing and hosing it’s perfectly ready for an epic playing season. The yellow swing, plastic pool and thrift store toddler toys are not Crate & Barrel catalog worthy, but they remind me of the life springing from our house. This is a space where melted popsicles and chalk drawings are welcome; where finger prints stain the glass doors and dandelions grow in abundance. The second hand chairs are not as charming as our porch swing, but from their shady location I can watch my girl giggle and explore.

Summertime’s simple pleasures are here again. 

Oh little red bird
Come to my window sill
Been so lonesome
Shaking that morning chill
Oh little red bird
Open your mouth and sing
Been so lonesome
Just about flown away

So long now I’ve been out
In the rain and snow
But winter’s come and gone
A little bird told me so

-Winter’s Come and Gone by Gillian Welch

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Lesley you have such a wonderful way of capturing moments w your words. Beautiful, and what a joyous season of life you're enjoying now.


Love this and your precious family! Love seeing His blessings pour out!


Great kid pics, Lesley, and great reminder that no matter how long winter may be summer comes eventually.