Mother’s Day Roundup

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A round-up of the web’s best posts about MOTHERS in honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday…

So God Made a Mother:  “Somebody who would run for the catch, jump on a trampoline and play one fierce game of soccer and not give a thought to all those labors and her weak pelvic floor. Somebody who’d stay up late with a science project that never ends, who’d get up early for the game in the rain, somebody who’d wave at the door until the taillights were out of sight and still be smiling brave. So God made a mother.”

What Your Wife Really Wants For Mother’s Day:  “She wants a new kind of year. A new kind of perspective that celebrates all of who she is. Not just as a mother, but as a gifted and necessary member of the body of Christ.  And men, that can’t just be a perspective shift for her—it has to come from you too.”

Dear Mom, Thanks for Rocking Those Gigantic Varicose Veins Which I Caused “Finding a Mother’s Day card that honestly addresses the complexities of motherhood is unexpectedly difficult. This year’s choices include a cheesy “Wind Beneath My Wings” tribute complete with Bette Midler audio track…”

For the Person Who Struggles on Mother’s Day : “On this day, when she is honored for being a mother, beside her there is no child, no card in the mail, no “Happy Mother’s Day” from his lips, no flowers delivered to her doorstep.”

To be a Mother, To be a Daughter : “I love the scene… in which Ruthie stopped trying to fix Hannah, and just … touched her gently on the back, like she used to when Hannah was little. That moment of communion between a mother and her child opened the floodgates of Hannah’s heart, and revealed things to Ruthie that she had not known…”

An Open Letter to Pastors (A Non-Mom Speaks About Mother’s Day): “Here’s the thing, I believe we can honor mothers without alienating others. I want women to feel welcome, appreciated, seen, and needed here in our little neck of the body of Christ.”

From my own writing archives:

All the Good Things In Life I Learned From My Mom

What My Mom Taught Me While Pushing a Car

A Mother’s Prayer for Her Baby Girl

Dear Mom of a Newborn

And a few last minute gift ideas for moms:

Clean her house, or get her a gift certificate to have it cleaned

Tickets to see a play or concert together

For moms of toddlers: The Honest Toddler: A Child’s Guide to Parenting. This book just came out, and if it’s anything like the blog, I’m sure I’ll chuckle through the entire thing.

For moms of young children: time to herself on Mother’s Day

For moms of older/grown children: quality time together as a family on Mother’s Day (but don’t make her plan it!)

To my own mom: I love you, I appreciate you, and I wish I was seeing you on Sunday. I miss you. 

{photo credit to Kelli Jane Photography, taken with my mom and grandma (Amie) when Anna was 6 days old.}

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