Opening the windows again

by Lesley on April 15, 2013 · 3 comments

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Anna on trike

As much as I’m not a big fan of gardening, there’s a Saturday every spring that I’ve come to LOVE– and oddly enough it centers around yard work.

Sacramento is just cold enough during the winter months to prevent our grass from growing, so mowing goes on hiatus from October to April. Everyone in the neighborhood seems to hibernate, including us. Then, one magical day every April when it’s perfectly 80 degrees, we all come out of hiding.

Every year I’m surprised at how the neighborhood suddenly comes alive again. We talk to neighbors we haven’t seen all winter, exchanging laughter and discussing our landscaping plans. We also learn things about their lives we weren’t aware were happening during the cold and dark months. Sometimes what they share stands in such stark contrast to the happy 80’s tunes blaring through our open windows.

This year everyone comments on Anna’s growth and mine. (“What?! You’re pregnant again?!”) While we talk she waddles up and down the sidewalks wearing her sunglasses and green bathing suit, picking flowers and wiping her snotty nose on the back of her arm, which delights all of us regardless of how hard the winter has been.

If you need proof of the child’s runny nose, please look closely at the first photo in this post.

There’s always a lot to do on the first spring day in the yard, but this year held even more work than usual. Jonathan spent the entire weekend pulling out our front lawn so we can re-sod and plant trees. (Our grass had about 16 different varieties and basically looked like a large weed patch.)  Naturally, being 27 weeks pregnant, I wasn’t much help in this department. Instead Anna and I wandered to and from the house, front yard, and back yard finding little jobs like weeding, cleaning the inside of the car, blowing and raking all the dead leaves, wiping down windows, hosing the porch and making chocolate milk shakes. Anna did a great job supervising:

photo (7)

photo (8)

When Anna wasn’t eating, watching or playing in the car (her new favorite pastime), she was hard at work on the new (USED!) water table that I picked up for $10. I forsee a good, wet, summer ahead. Please note: the backyard also needs weeding and new grass. It’s a jungle out there, but I don’t see it getting fixed anytime soon unless we win a yard makeover contest.

photo (4)

While Jonathan did a lot more physical labor than the rest of us, I’m still completely exhausted today. Who needs pre-natal yoga or pilates when you can clean your house and yard?! It’s free and got me in all sorts of odd stretching positions.

There’s something wonderful about traveling, but there’s something equally wonderful about being home, being barefoot, and being dirty. When the windows are wide open and the lawn mower is humming, any worries seem to slip away.

What home projects are you working on this spring? 

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We are working on getting out of our home! Ha. Lot's of projects await us in NC though :)


But it's going to drop to 65 tomorrow! Still, those yard work pics are great, Lesley. Ann - snotty nose and all - couldn't be any cuter!