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by Lesley on March 27, 2013 · 1 comment

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Over the past few weeks I’ve been writing more frequently on the topic of friendship. While I always enjoying reading, writing and talking about how women (and men!) can love each other better, it’s been particularly relevant this month because of my annual girls’ trip which took place last weekend in Newport Beach.

I think this year’s trip was my favorite yet, partially because of the incredible weather, partially because it took place where I grew up, and partially because it was a perfect mix of intentional time with friends plus relaxation. Usually when I travel to Southern California our time is packed full of holiday parties and driving from event to event. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten to enjoy the things I love most about Orange County–the ocean, the bay, the boats, the sand, the frozen banana stands, the outdoor malls, and the quaint Balboa ferry.

One morning all of us girls walked to get cinnamon rolls and Starbucks’ drinks before plopping down on the sand to discuss this year’s book: MWF Seeking BFF. I should give a disclaimer: not all of us loved it equally. BUT, I think each of us found the book to be thought provoking, and a great jumping off point for interesting discussion.

The thing I love about my girlfriends is we’ve been friends for so long we didn’t really need the book questions I created. Our conversation flowed naturally until all of us were sunburned and starving for lunch.

If you’re in a book club, or you simply want to plan a fun girls’ night, I’d recommend talking about this book. To make your planning easier, here’s a link to download the discussion questions. I hope you enjoy!

And, as a bonus question today, is a best friend a single person, or a tier?

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Our bible study discussion last night prompted me to start working on a post about friendship this morning. Did you get the paperback version of this book or is it on your kindle? Would love to borrow it if I can! I definitely think of best friendship as a tier, although in the single-person context, I believe the title of My Best Friend belongs to Brett. Glad you had a fun weekend away!