My friend named Peach

by Lesley on February 5, 2013 · 4 comments

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Good friends are the people you can go a year without seeing, but there’s not even a moment of awkwardness upon re-uniting.

Peach is one of those friends.

She’s the one who never shows up empty handed. There’s always a gift for me, and there’s always one for Anna. The accompanying card is always Papryus–the brand I usually want to buy but end up talking myself into a 99 cent card instead.

If we visit her home there are a minimum of three homemade desserts available at all times, and they’re always family recipes she knows by heart not the trendy Pinterest stuff I gravitate towards.

Peach usually carries a fancy camera around her neck. She’s one of those people who doesn’t take them for Facebook or Instagram or a blog (she doesn’t participate in ANY social media, God bless her). Peach takes photos simply for love of the hobby, and love of the people inside her frame.

When I’m with Peach, I’m not afraid to be real. She asks the hard questions, and lots of them. Sometimes I feel like I’m talking too much. She likes to know what’s going on in my heart, and in my head.

She’s one of those friends who knows my parents’ names and what they do for a living. “How’s your mom liking work these days?” she’ll ask. Or, “Is Allison back from her trip?”

Peach is predictable, and I love this about her. When she comes into town I know exactly where she’ll want to eat and that she’ll squeeze-in at least one run in the early morning hours.

When I hear the terms hard-working and go-getter and lip balm-addict I think of Peach.

She’s that friend who slips people extra cash when they need it, and  takes people into her home when they’re hurting.

Peach, you’ve made me a better person.  I’m so glad we bonded all those years ago in Van Kampen. I loved seeing you last weekend and wish you’d move back here so we could bake and play whenever we wanted to. Remember when this photo was taken? Fall 2007! We look so young! 

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Kristy is an amazing woman, what a wonderful post and a wonderful friend you are, Lesley!


I love friends like that!!!! What a blessing and a rare gift indeed to have people like that in your life! Especially with the part about not seeing each other for a while and barely having time to stay in touch yet whenever you get together, it's like you have NEVER been apart!. Friends like that are truly family!


What a beautiful tribute to a great friend. I love this! Makes me want to be more consistent.


Girl, you are crazy, you look exactly the same!