Happy Christmas and Merry New Year

by Lesley on December 29, 2012 · 2 comments

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Merry Christmas week, friends! How have your holidays been?

I was going to post my annual “Best Of” list today but it felt strange to do so without acknowledging the Christmas season has come and gone. I have various reasons for not posting this past week, the largest being that I wanted to enjoy vacation. While I’d never consider blogging as work, it’s sometimes nice to step away from weekly habits, turn off the computer, and simply rest. (Or clean out kitchen cupboards and filing, because, yes, I have been doing some of that this week.)

I have certainly needed rest this past week. Anna has been sick, on and off, for almost a month. I caught her latest cold on Christmas Day and it’s taken me longer than usual to recover. If you find my voice, please send it back. I miss it greatly.

We had a great time visiting family in Southern California. One of the highlights was getting to see the Newport Beach Boat Parade. It’s always magical. We can never resist buying hot chocolate from all the kids selling it in front of their houses, and the carolers and lights on the water are magical. Jonathan and I also spent an afternoon together while my parents took Anna to the Merry-Go-Round. We got Unami Burger, my favorite, and finished our Christmas shopping. I loved getting to take a long walk with my sister who is newly home from her around-the-world travels. She looks fantastic and I’m so glad she’s home safe.

For Christmas Anna was spoiled rotten by all her aunts, uncles, grandparents, great grandparents, great aunts and great uncles. She has lots of them. Outfits! Elmo! Abby! Books! Toys! Dolls! And then when we returned home on Wednesday Jonathan and I presented our gift: a toy kitchen. So far she’s not so interested in the whole deal but that’s probably because we didn’t get her any pretend food. I hate being in an empty kitchen, so who can blame her? I forsee a Toys ‘R Us visit this weekend.

Another highlight of Anna’s weekend was eating Grandma Miller’s Spritz cookies, and spending time with Patti’s dog and cat. Folks, we have a sugar love and an animal lover on our hands. If the below photo doesn’t confirm the latter, perhaps the fact we caught her drinking from the dog bowl will. (Ewwwww!) We have yet to inform her Daddy is allergic to cats.

kitty cat with anna

Jonathan has to work half day on Monday, but for the most part we are home enjoying the holiday weekend as a family. I’m reading a TON because I caved and asked for a Kindle for Christmas. (You knew it was coming even though I hate e-readers.) We hope to sneak out to a movie one night and maybe even get out for dinner on New Year’s Eve. We’ll see, we’ll see.

I’ll be back on Monday with my “Best Of” post. Until then, I’d love to hear something about your Christmas! Give or receive anything fun? Has the week been relaxing or busy?

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Claire Baganz Bone
Claire Baganz Bone

Did you get playfood already? I have some for you! Not much, but enough. Also, oddly enough, I have seen that my kids play more with their kitchen when there is NO food and just pots/pans etc. Yay for imagination!


I wrote a bit about Christmas at my blog, but one thing I haven't mentioned yet is how nice it was for us just to be home with the kids. No extra family or friends, just the four of us. Our darter hs already returned to San Diego where she goes to school, so it was nice to have that time seeing her and our son interacting together so well. I still have another week off, and my wife and I are looking forward to some slow time together. We'll see if that actually happens!