Munchkin Musings

by Lesley on December 18, 2012 · 2 comments

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Dear Munchkin,

Today you are 17 months old–almost 1 1/2! You are most definitely a little girl now and no longer our baby.

Although your constant activity is incredibly draining, I delight in almost everything you do.

Except that whole stomach flu thing last week, which, let’s be honest, was a real test of my patience. 

Nothing melts my heart more than when you say “Mommy” and run across the run to give me a kiss. You love to give kisses, and offer them liberally. I offer them liberally right back. My favorite is the Eskimo kiss, and when you say, “Cheek?” and then give me a kiss right there.

You love to please us, Anna. It’s so fun to watch your various smiles unfold. You have ones for every person and occasion, it seems. There’s a special smile only Eden can unlock. There’s a special smile reserved for when we praise you. There’s a special smile when Daddy gets home, and when you know you’re about to get tickled.

You’re starting to talk about EVERYTHING, although I think your mommy and daddy are often the only people who understand, and sometimes even we don’t have a clue who or what you’re jabbering about. My favorite noise you make is your very emphatic “MEEEEEOOOOOWWWWW” to all passing kitty cats, and my favorite phrase is “All done” which you now use whenever you’d like to get out of your booster seat, car seat, swing or stroller. If I’m too slow on removing you from your booster seat you take your bowl and try to hand it to me. Or, on naughty days you start dropping food. We’re working on that.

You LOVE LOVE LOVE books and start asking to be read to as soon as you wake up in the morning. It’s not uncommon for me to read you the same book five different times in one day, and you always pick the ones I find extremely boring. If I try to ignore your request, you grab my hand and then back your little booty train into my lap, as if to say, “This can’t be avoided, Mom.” But, the only way I get snuggles these days is when we read, so I (usually) happily oblige.

You are getting so tall, Anna. I’ve had you in 18-24 month clothing since you were a year old, and it’s not uncommon for you to tower over kids who are older. We’re growing your bangs out right now, and between not being able to see very well and your gangly legs, tripping is quite frequent. I’m afraid to admit I might have also passed on my clutzy genes. For the last week I’ve had to explain to everyone how you got a huge scab on your cheek. (Face plant on the front door mat!)

Although you sleep great through the night, we still notice you’re a very light sleeper. When Mommy or Daddy get up early to exercise you ALWAYS hear us, no matter how much we tiptoe. Usually you fall back asleep, or at least play quietly in your crib until we’re ready to get you up.

Anna, each day we pray that you will grow up knowing how much you are loved. We pray you grow up to love those around you, to know Jesus, and to become a woman who uses her unique gifts to impact our world for good. We pray for your safety as you navigate a cruel world, and your compassion as you encounter people who need it very much.

We love you, sweet girl.

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Lesley, I've never met your family in person, but I feel like I can visualize every single scene you set here. Hooray for Anna, and for her parents!


My favorite munchin!