Thursday Thoughts: The Sweet Spot

by Lesley on November 29, 2012 · 1 comment

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There’s a sweet spot we need to find every day between idolizing adventure and idolizing comfort. In our experience, part of hitting that sweet spot comes from actively noticing what God is doing in your present reality. Phrases like “I will tell of God’s wonderful acts” are used at least sixteen times in the Psalms alone. We need to stop and tell ourselves, and tell other people, about the gorgeous snowfalls, conversations with lonely people, astounding ideas, and all the other daily miracles that remind us we are never just living in a dull prison cell. And when we notice and savor these, it also creates a craving in us to see more of God’s work in our world, so much so that we get off our couch and find and create more of it.

-Christine Jeske, taken from this article, Extraordinarily Grateful in the Ordinary


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