31 Days, a recap

by Lesley on November 1, 2012 · 1 comment

in writing

Remember when I told you I’d be blogging more in October? Well, the month is over…and….I did it! I didn’t blog every day but I got in more posts than any other single month in the blog’s history. 21!

But, as much as it’s fun to break a personal record, it’s not the number of posts that really excite me most. Rather, I remembered how much I like blogging. Once you all told me to get over analyzing this idea or that idea, I felt like I could write from my heart again.

Thank you. I can’t tell you how much I needed the freedom to just be myself.

When it’s all said and done though, I can’t keep up this pace! I think my sweet spot is 3 posts a week, with an occasional encouraging quote or link-up thrown in for fun.

I also decided, on a whim, to start doing a little advertising on the far right side of my blog. I’ve kind of been anti-ads until now because it seemed like a lot of work, but then I learned about a few easier ways to do it so I’m giving them a try. All of the ads are for companies I like, and that I think you will too. (As of now, that’s my rule for advertising.) Let me know if you like them or hate them.

Oh, and I can’t resist a few photos from Halloween. My little hot cocoa and my little cow. {Sidenote: The hot cocoa, with his famous last-minute decision making, needed some help with his costume. Like last year’s Lego ensemble, he took home first prize again…$200! He says we should put the money towards law school loans. I say we blow it at Nordies. TBD.}

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