Your calling, church blogs, and being lovers

by Lesley on October 5, 2012 · 0 comments

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In serious matters, those cute slippers are on sale at Target for $12. I couldn’t resist. I think they are my sixth pair of slippers. But hey- when you “work from home” you need plenty of soft shoe options, okay?

Do you know your calling here on earth? A great read for anyone is Jen Pollock Michel’s The Business of Calling.

When it comes to the internet, she’s a lover, not a fighter. Wouldn’t it be nice if well all adopted this mantra?

The article that made Jonathan and I both weepy this week: For Better or Worse, Pagano Will Forever Be Changed by Diagnosis

Did you know that in October, the communist party in China will go through a major restructuring? According to a letter we received from Empower Ministries, “a noticeable and universal tightening of security measures” is taking place which means that “national church planters are under increased monitoring and harassment in all parts of the country.” Please pray for the churches in China.

Have tons of time on your hands? (ha ha ha! That’s funny! Who has time on their hands these days?) Check out the Top 200 Church Blogs. I’ll admit, I can’t help but be disappointed (and surprised) by how few women are on this list. If you’re surprised too, read Laura’s charge and then read her dad’s Huff Post article about what Jesus thought about women. Booyah.

Fumbling: a post on what we use as crutches in our own lives.

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