Saying goodbye, creativity and baby sales

by Lesley on September 21, 2012 · 7 comments

in feel good friday

It’s been a really busy couple of weeks since we returned from Hawaii, and as a result, my writing time has suffered. We’ve had my brother and sister-in-law visiting long term with their new baby boy, Isaiah, plus we’ve been used car hunting, volunteering with Convoy of Hope, and chasing around Anna (who is now walking and talking and grabbing and pulling and basically exhausting me, in a good way!)

A few weeks ago I told you my grandma Jeanne passed away. I’ve been in Southern California this week with family and will return home next Monday. Tomorrow we will celebrate her life, at the beach, just as she would have wanted. Once I return home I hope to be back here blogging consistently again. In the meantime- here are a few linky links from around the web. May you have a fabulous weekend!

I wrote my Grandma Jeanne’s obituary with the help of my entire family.

40 Day Experiment Without Social Media on my Phone. (I removed Twitter and Facebook from my phone last spring. Have you thought about doing this?)

Old Navy is having a 40% toddler/baby sale. Just got Anna a super cute long sleeve dress for the winter months. Also, tall girls, I just realized Old Navy sells jeans in lengths! And, shockingly, they fit me really well.

A new guy to the Christian blogging scene. (Congrats, Tim! It’s about time!)

Got a blowout at Drybar yesterday in West Hollywood with Katie. It was SO FUN. Can’t wait for a reason to try the one in San Francisco…and…I hope one comes to Sacramento soon!

Easy peasy macaroni and cheese (Sidenote: made a box of this stuff for Anna a few days ago and she refused to eat it. Next day? Scarfed it down. Yeah. Mama knows best, kid.)

Adopting a kid, not a cause.  Adopting mamas, your thoughts?

Finding your creativity and Thoughts on the Creative Process (a free e-book). Do you have a hobby?

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