Work Shift: a book to help balance work, life and family

by Lesley on September 13, 2012 · 0 comments

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I’ve loved some of the responses from my post yesterday about a day in the life of a working woman. I think many of you out there are in the same boat as I am: late 20s, or early 30s, having first babies, and trying to figure out how to raise a family without sacrificing your passions (whether that be hobbies, paid work, or both). I’d like to add an adendum to yesterday’s post:

Being a woman is hard–BUT–I love, love, love my life. I love my life for a lot of reasons but one of them is I believe our world today gives women more opportunities than we’ve ever had before. With some creativity, there is a way to have work/life balance.

I’m really excited for my virtual friend Anne Bogel as she releases a new e-book today called Work Shift. Anne, also known as Modern Mrs. Darcy, is a great writer and has fabulous ideas for how to balance much of what I wrote about yesterday. I enjoy her blog, book recommendations, and parenting advice. So, naturally, I’m chomping at the bit to read her new book. I just downloaded a sneak peak this morning, and I’m confident it’s something many women in my life would benefit from. The best part is it’s priced affordably and it’s a quick read. (Because, honestly, who has time for novels right now?)

If you’re a working woman who can’t imagine how you’ll ever have time for children, or a new mom whose convinced you’ll never have time to work again, I’d recommend checking out this book. If you read it, let me know. I’d love to chat via blog, e-mail or phone to hear what you think. In the interest of full disclosure, if you purchase her book make sure to buy it at the link below. I’ll get a kick-back on sales…and really…how cool is that?

Click here to visit Anne Bogel.

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