The Angel Over the Yellow Room

by Lesley on May 16, 2012 · 8 comments

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Last spring, in the midst of remodeling and unpacking, I didn’t do the best job of updating this blog. Life was just a tad bit busy, so I didn’t get to tell you much about decorating and paint colors and picking nursery room art. I’m going to play a little catch up today. I think you’ll like the story ahead.

First I should mention we bought our house from the Gonzalez family who owned it since the late 1940s. For over 60 years, Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalez (Ramona), one of their mothers, and their three children (Joe, John and Marie) lived in this 1,100 square foot house.

My, how times have changed, right?

When Ramona passed away two years ago, her children listed the home for sale. We were lucky enough to buy the house in December 2010 right after I found out I was pregnant with Anna.

Last May when we began thinking about how to decorate the baby’s room, I was set on peach walls. Until all of a sudden, I wasn’t.

This is Anna’s nursery today:

Please note the color on the walls. Yellow. Lovely yellow. Stay with me…


A few weeks after we painted, our next door neighbors asked how the room was coming. “It’s great!” I said. “We just painted the walls yellow.”

Lori, our neighbor, just about fell over herself. Then she recounted a story that made me almost fall over. It went like this:

“We stay in touch with the sons who grew up in your house. We had Joe over for dinner recently and he told us he’d been having dreams about his mom. In one of his dreams, his mom Ramona came to him and said, ‘Joe! Joe! You’ll never believe it–a nice young couple bought our house and they remodeled the kitchen. Joe, it looks amazing!”

Now, this part of the story is neat and wonderful but the logical part of me thought it was entirely possible that our neighbors had told Joe about our remodel, and his dream was basically replaying facts that he already knew. Here’s where it gets creepy good…

“And Joe, you’ll never believe it. They painted the baby’s room yellow- just like we had it when Marie was a baby!”

Turns out, Anna’s room was the same room the family had used for their daughter Marie when she was young…and today it’s back to the yellow color it once was.

There is no way that Joe would have known what color we painted the walls.

Our neighbors asked if the story gave me the heebie-jeebies. I said it didn’t. Then Lori said, “Ramona was a woman of deep faith. I like to think that she’s a little angel now watching over your house.”

And honestly, I like to think that too.

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Janice Zoradi
Janice Zoradi

This amazing story is an affirmation from the Lord that you and your family are in exactly the right house, in the center of His will. Since Ramona is also watching over you, I think it's a safe bet that cancer is on its way out. She will only tolerate that for so long inside her house.


wow! write that in Anna's baby book!


Just got the chills!! Love this story!! xo

Allison Moore
Allison Moore

Love this story and yellow is such a fun, bright color!


That gave me shivers of faith. Awesome.


Seriously!!?? That is awesome! Also, her room is so sweet.