How my kid ate a leaf and then threw up

by Lesley on May 1, 2012 · 3 comments

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The title of this post pretty much sums up what happened on Saturday night.

Yes, I saw her eating the leaf.  And no, after taking out 15 previous leaves, I didn’t try to stop her. “I’m cool. I’m relaxed. She can eat a freakin’ leaf if she wants to” I said.

But when she started screaming at bedtime…well…I should have seen it coming. Barf, everywhere. Barf on the sheets. Barf on her lovey. Barf down my dress and in my bra.

I held her and said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” while taking little silent shocked breaths because I had barf running down my newly showered skin.

This is life as a mom: trying not to care about barf down your dress because your kid is in pain, while really simultaneously thinking about how you can most efficiently clean her, the sheets, and yourself in as little time as humanely possible.

One key to a quick turnaround is having a sick husband who finds ways to pitch in. Despite his sensitive stomach, he threw the sheets in the wash and then began Googling “Camphor Trees.” He found out the trees can be toxic for children, so he called Kaiser’s Nurse hotline. He practically has that number memorized by now. They connected us to Poison Control, and after a series of questions it was determined that she wasn’t dying. I’m glad we got our inaugural call out of the way so early, and I sincerely hope we don’t need to ever call again.

We aren’t sure if the leaf poisoned her a little bit, or if it simply got stuck in her little pipes and needed a tummy explosion for dislodge–a common occurrence in babies younger than 12 months. Either way, you can bet I’ll be fishing the leaves out of her mouth from here on out. Oops.

Here’s the moral of the story:

If your kid is younger than 12 months, don’t let him/her eat leaves. And definitely make sure those leaves aren’t toxic.

Bam. Free advice. You knew you were subscribing to this blog for good reason. 

p.s. That pic above? Obviously, it’s not me or my baby. I just put it on this post to prove that I’m not the only mom who is oblivious to the dangers of leaves. Thank you, National Geographic.

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The SAME EXACT THING happened to my 9 month old girl yesterday. I was letting her crawl around the grass while taking pictures of her. She was constantly putting leaves, grass, and flower petals in her mouth and I would quickly take them out. It happened repeatedly. About an hour later when we were in the house, she began crying whenever we put her down, she also kept coughing. Then gagging began to follow the couging with lots of gas. SCARY! And finally vomit for the first time. Mind you, the only thing that ever came out of her mouth in her life was spit up, drool, and milk. This time it was definitely vomit-yellowish, thick, and a lot of it. After she threw up twice, a little brown leaf slipped out of her mouth. I quickley swiped it out and gave her water to drink. She was all better! Praise God! Never will I let her swallow even the smallest of leaves again! Lesson learned

LesleyM moderator

@MelanieDavis1 Thanks for your comment, Melanie! So crazy that the same exact thing happened to you! I'm so glad your little one was okay! 

Jacqueline Jenkins
Jacqueline Jenkins

While I am glad to hear that nothing serious happened to your little one, I couldn't help but laugh out loud reading this story because accidents in parenthood happen to the best of us and I'm sure ALL moms reading this can empathize with how you felt. :)