Our butterfly has emerged

by Lesley on April 18, 2012 · 2 comments

in Anna

Something happened in the last month.

Our little caterpillar has emerged from her infant coccoon, and she’s become a squirmy butterfly.

While every month holds change, I am confident that this past month held the most. I almost feel like I’m parenting a different child!

Before our Colorado trip four weeks ago, I think I’d probably have described Anna as introverted, pensive, calm, and serious. Today? Well, let’s just say the smiling and squealing and crawling, and clapping and talking has really intensified. I absolutely love it.

It’s funny because for much of the last month she was actually quite whiny. I’m not sure if the whining was because of her front teeth emerging, or her frustration at wanting to move and not getting very far, or just an overall clinginess for Mama. She even started glaring at me and kicking her legs. I was going batty. In the midst of the whining she started smiling at strangers, waving, and “talking” more. I could never predict how she might be in any given moment: social butterfly, or emo mess?

And then, literally overnight, my happy baby returned. The whining has almost completely disappeared. I feel like a new woman, which is good because crawling finally “clicked” yesterday. My 10 month update will probably be about how she’s chewing up my cookbooks and wrecking havoc in all rooms of the house.

Today, my baby has officially been out of the womb longer than she was in it. Happy 9 months, Anna!

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