One thing even the Duchess does

by Lesley on March 16, 2012 · 2 comments

in feel good friday

I braved the mall on Wednesday because it was raining, and Anna had major cabin fever. After a depressing trip to the shoe department at Nordstrom (story of my life) I ducked into Gap where I found an awesome $12 casual shirt. Did you know Gap Kids debuted a line this week by Diane von Furstenburg? Yeah, it’s adorable and all the buzz right now. It’s also insanely expensive. No thanks.

Speaking of overpriced… Pottery Barn Kids has personalized Easter baskets right now but I refuse to pay like, $30, when the baby could care less. Anna Q’s 2012 resolution to shop secondhand has me scheming/dreaming of low cost thrift store inspired basket for my Anna. So far, the $1 basket has been purchased in addition to some pink spray paint and plastic eggs. I’ll keep you posted on the final result.

Speaking of cheap…today was a 50% off all clothing sale at Thriftown. Not only did I go, Ashlee also shopped for me at another location. Anna got some major cute rompers for summer. Yet more reasons to thrift shop and even the Duchess does it! (photo credit to Grazia)

So, of course you’ve heard about the whole KONY thing. (Which, can I just admit, I have not watched. I saw the original Invisible Children documentary when it debuted, years ago, and this recent one just got a little too bandwagon viral for my taste so I haven’t watched it.) BUT I thought this article was great: What does Jason Russel’s meltdown mean for the #kony2012 movement?

Lisa recommended this Mariners Church sermon. I’ve listened to half of it so far. (Story of my life, these days.) It’s great. You should give it a listen too.

Three important habits for building influence that matters.

The legal madness around NCAA betting pools. Not that I know anyone who gambles over basketball games, of course. 


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