Six Month Baby Mush

by Lesley on January 18, 2012 · 5 comments

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She is six months old today. I seriously want to cry. It’s going too fast. Someone buy me a cupcake to drown my sorrows.

The pediatrician re-measured Anna’s head THREE times yesterday. Apparently her head grew so much since November that Dr. Cunningham couldn’t trust the first two measurements. Her head is in the 97% percentile. Her height and weight are high up there too. This is no surprise–I mean–I’ve told you about my feet and Jonathan’s head size. Clearly she is doomed to buy tall pants, big shoes and large hats the rest of her life. (Side note: I never thought I’d be one of those moms who tells people how big her kid’s head is compared to other kids’ heads. Honestly-you don’t care-I should keep this information to myself. I sorta hate myself right now.)

These days she’s eating solid food like a champ. Cereals! Pears! Prunes! Apples! Squash! Carrots! Sweet Potatoes! Bananas! Avocado! I love food so much that I’ve had a lot of fun introducing new things to her palate. I think she’s enjoying it too. My hope is that she’ll be a good eater like her mama and daddy. (Is there anything we don’t like? Hardly!)

A few things I’ve learned in the solid food adventure:

Try Try Try again. If at first you don’t succeed- disguise food with something sweet AND/OR wait a week and try again. Last week she hated squash. This week? LOVES it. I snuck avocado in her applesauce yesterday. I’m so tricky. Mwah ha ha.

Take off the bib. I bought her a spiffy plastic bib to catch her mess, and all she wants to do is chew on it. We have much more success when I take her bib off. Messy, but it works.

Be flexible. Remember my New Years resolutions? I wanted to be one of those moms who fed her baby homemade baby food first, but, December was stressful so I started her on jarred food from Savemart. This month I’ve had time to make baby food and it has been so fun. Now I use a combo of homemade and store bought- and it works great.

Speaking of flexible…I’ve also given Anna formula a few times. I also thought I’d be one of those moms who breast fed exclusively until a year, but you know what? I’ve had to leave her more than I thought I would these days. Thank goodness she takes formula without a problem, but loves mama’s milk too. Formula has allowed me to be with Jonathan when I need to be and not worry that she’s going to starve. (Are you seeing a pattern in this post? I thought I’d do a lot of things differently than I have. Parenting = flexibility. I’m learning.)

A few things that Anna is up to these days:

  • She loves her Johnny Jump Up and Excersaucer.
  • She’s discovered how to squeal, and does so at 5:00am until she puts herself back to sleep until 7:00am. We find it endearing for about 2 seconds. 🙂
  • She has an extremely strong grip and is pulling at anything near her, including my face, hair and iPhone (as evidenced by the picture above.)
  • She is discovering books. Mostly she likes to chew on them but I’m certain this will translate to a love for reading.
  • She’s sitting up, a little bit, and it’s so cute to watch.
  • She’s losing a lot of her newborn hair. It’s growing back in blonde. Mama is pleased.

We continue to find so much joy in this little one and can’t wait to see what the next month will hold.

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I honestly feel like it was just a few weeks ago that I was driving out to Roseville to meet Anna for the first time in the hospital. I can't believe she's already celebrating her half birthday! I might cry with you.


Makes me realize Anderson will be 6 months before I know it. Say it ain't so!!


I remember Anna telling me at Christmas that she wanted to come to Redlands in the spring.....I miss her! (I guess we come visit too..)


Large head = large brain. You are blessed! And...people with large feet are just more stable. Nothing wrong with that. :) (although, ahem, you never told me that feet actually get larger during pregnancy - while carrying a box up the stairs on Friday, my swollen, red feet actually caused my leather stilettos to rip down the side - OMG! New shoes for moi!) Also - I think I am most excited about seeing our little one enjoy the Johnny jump up. So stinking cute. Even though I haven't met Anna yet, I love catching little glimpses of her personality from the pics. Keep em coming. She is just so beautiful. xoxox kel