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by Lesley on November 1, 2011 · 6 comments

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I wouldn’t say we’re big on Halloween at this house. The first year living in Sacramento we both had class on Halloween night. In the years since, we’ve stayed home in sweat pants, eaten soup, and gotten cozy. It’s not that I’m anti-Halloween, it’s just that I don’t really care that much. I’m more of a Christmas and Valentine’s Day sorta gal.

Until I had a baby.  And now, everything is different. Who started thinking about Halloween in August? THIS GIRL.

There are a million ways you can dress a baby for Halloween which will provoke even grown men to use the word “adorable” and “cute.”  Anna requested to be an owl, and I obliged. Her thought was that an owl costume might be cheap and easy to make, and if a cute knit hat were purchased it could also be worn again. I love her sense for recycling and saving money at such a young age.

I told you she was licking the feathers.

With Jonathan’s LEGO costume requiring some work on Thursday, I was glad the owl ensemble came together with just a hot glue gun, feather boa and white onesie. It took 15 minutes and only cost $10. I was happy about this because she licked/spit up all over the feathers within about 10 minutes of being put in the costume. It was in the trash after about 30 minutes of wear. Oh, babies.

I think the tights sealed the deal. Would you agree?

While Jonathan took home costume prize (YESSSS!!!!!), his office ooohed and ahhhed over the baby owl. I wore my Betty Draper costume because we were attending a Mad Men 30th birthday party for Sharon immediately following his office potluck. I don’t know if everyone in his office realized I was in costume. I think they just thought I like red lipstick. I assure you- I do not. I felt like a clown.

Betty and Baby Owl

We had lots of friends in town for the Mad Men bash, which was a total blast. Sam rented a coffee shop space downtown, and we all drank and “smoked” and ate- fondue, pigs in blankets, meatballs and a really funny caterpillar cake. I was happy for a night on the town without our little owl, and Jonathan appreciated the distraction too.

Me with the birthday girl

Brent, Brett & Jonathan

A classic Jonathan face

The next morning we had a few of our out-of-towners over for pumpkin pancakes with J’s special brown sugar banana sauce. The morning turned quickly into a long walk, football games on TV, a girls’ run to the mall, and a lazy dinner. Here are the mommies with their girls:

Sam & Eden, Jonathan & Anna, Brett & Scout

Isn’t this daddy daughter picture just heart melting? All the girls were born within six weeks of each other, and they are all about the same size now. Please note, Anna is playing with her hands in both photos. She discovered them on Saturday and has been obsessed ever since. It’s pretty darn cute.

On Monday Jonathan got great news- his heart looks just fine- so he’s proceeding with surgery on November 11 to remove and biopsy the lump on his neck. In the meantime we have a lot of research, praying, and playing to do.

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It was such a great weekend. Thank you for helping Sam plan my birthday party. I loved it! I think we should make having J’s special brown sugar banana sauce a weekend tradition. So delicious!


Yep, you are right; that owl is crazy "adorable" and "cute"


Loved getting to see all these pictures!


Haha, I came to post with bullet points in mind too! Not original I guess! * Cute owl! Great crafty idea. *Mad Men! I have been wanting to go to one of those. I hate red lipstick on me as well, though. *Scout Zundel! What an awesome name, I hadn't heard what her's was yet. *Great news about the heart!!! <3<3<3


I am going to copy Susan and do bullet points. I'll use letters so I'm not a total copy cat. A. I am so glad Jonathan won. Like, I'm happier than I probably should be about it. The tights definitely sealed the deal. B. I'm glad you're married to a man who will wear tights to work. C. I've never seen Mad Men but you look beautiful in your "costume." I know what you mean about feeling like a clown, but that red lipstick looks pretty awesome. D. Praying hard.


1. Anna and that hat are even cuter in the new photo. 2. LOVE the Mad Men themed party. 3. I missed the post about Jonathan....I'll be sending prayers!