Apple, I thank you.

by Lesley on October 6, 2011 · 4 comments

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I really didn’t intend to write a tribute to Steve Jobs. And, in fact, this isn’t really a tribute to him so much as the brilliant customer service team that he may or may not have influenced with his leadership.

You see, a few weeks ago I had a really big “oops.” ┬áMy dad calls me “The Oops Girl” because I’m clumsy- always been that way, probably always will be. I blame my parents for my uncoordinated body. Just recently I realized they let my little brother participate in gymnastics as a child which is certainly the reason he turned out athletic while I just turned out tall and clutzy. But, I digress.

Anyway, one Saturday when Anna was yelling her head off, I knocked over a little bit of water. It was a small amount but it ran under my laptop. I snatched my laptop off the table and didn’t think any water had made it inside. An hour or so later, my monitor gave a few short flashes and turned off. My mama brain didn’t put the two incidents together–and I really honestly thought my computer randomly stopped working.

Naturally I flipped out. (When will I learn?)

Jonathan, being the devoted husband he is, call the Apple store and made a Genius Bar appointment for 30 minutes later. He’s no dummy to stay in the house with a frustrated wife.

My computer, we were told, had a screen issue and could be fixed under my warranty. That Monday I returned to Apple to pick up the machine. When I arrived, a service technician was called out carrying only a piece of paper. I just knew he had bad news.

“Why are you here?” he asked.

“I thought my computer was ready for pick up,” I said.

“Didn’t anyone call you to tell you there’s a bigger issue? It appears the computer has water damage, and unfortunately water damage isn’t covered by your warranty.”

Should I fess up upon remembering that yes- I had spilled water? Or should I play dumb? I decided to just look alarmed- because I was!

He continued, “We can fix the machine for you but it costs about $700.”

I think my face dropped and tears might have come to my eyes.

“700 dollars?!?” I repeated.

“Yes, $700.” he said. And then, with a dramatic pause he looked down at the service sheet. Without changing his serious expression he said, “But, we’d like to cover that cost for you.”

“Excuse me? You’ll cover the cost?” I replied.

I look at him for an explanation. I am tempted to say “WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU DO THAT?” but I don’t for fear of someone changing their mind. He offers no reason other than, “It’s in my notes that we’d like to cover the cost for you.”

He instructed me to take the computer home and back it up before they shipped it off for fixing. I skipped out the store, giddy with thankfulness. Less than a week later, my laptop arrived back to my house as good as new.

So, Steve- I don’t know who to thank first. I think the Big Man deserves the most credit but I’ll also give you props for running a classy company and making great products. Maybe if you’ve made it up to heaven you can thank Him for me in person.

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I am their biggest fan. This has happened to me a few times with both water-spilled-on computers and dropped iphones. I always think it's because I'm awesome, but maybe we're just both awesome. Yup. That must be it.


I just had a flashback to all those moments of you on the phone with Dell customer service trying to fix your own computer. Praise the Lord for Macs:)

Anna Jordan
Anna Jordan

I'm also a devout Mac nerd. However, when I spilled coffee in my keyboard last year they did not cover the cost :( So I HAD to buy the MacBook Air... what a frustrating consolation prize (jk). Apple 4 Life. Glad you had some rockin' customer service.


They did the same thing for me a year or so ago when our hard drive crashed (for the 2nd time) they replaced it and covered the cost. And that is why we are devout Mac nerds.