Acknowledging a hurting world

by Lesley on August 9, 2011 · 1 comment

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I have a baby who is not sleeping as well as she was two weeks ago. This means I have limited time to blog, limited time to blow dry my hair, and limited time to read the book I checked out from the library almost a month ago.

I do, however, have a lot of time to watch the morning and evening news. If there was middle of the night news, I’d be watching that too.

In case you haven’t been watching the news, or reading the paper, our world is hurting. I know our world is always hurting. But this week, our hurting world strikes me deeper than it has before. Maybe it’s because I get to stare at a new life almost 24 hours a day. When I look at this baby girl, I can’t help but worry about the world I have brought her into.

The economy continues to tank.

Brave men and women continue to die at war.

And 12 million people are being impacted by a drought and famine in Somalia.

The images of starving children hurt my heart. I haven’t decided how to respond. Is sending money enough? Can we do more? At the very least...the very, very least… I can take a moment out of my own day to acknowledge that I’ve seen these horrors and I don’t want to forget them. I want to respond. I need to respond. We all need to. But, how?

More at Eugene Cho’s blog and Betsie Frei’s the BeList.

Post note: A few hours after publishing this post, I received an email from my friend Kelli, who besides being a great friend also just took really cute pictures of Anna. Anyway, Kelli sent me a very encouraging email about being a mother to a newborn. In it she reminded me to not let myself just watch the news. The news can be depressing and I’m hormonal to begin with! I took her advice and flipped Ted Talks onto my Hulu queue. Guess what popped up? This amazing video filmed just last month addressing hunger. I teared up while watching it. There I was, nursing Anna, when Josette says, “In 1987 I was a new mother, holding my first child, feeding her, when an image very similar to this came on the television. (Image is a Time magazine showing starving children in Etheopia.) This was yet another famine in Ethiopia. One two years earlier had killed more than a million people. But it never struck me as it did that moment because that image was a woman trying to nurse her baby and she had no milk to nurse….As a mother I thought, there’s nothing more haunting than the cry of a child that cannot be returned with food–the most fundamental expectation of every human being.”

She goes on to remind the audience that we know how to fix hunger. In our time in history, these haunting images of starvation are out of place. We have the resources. So, what do we do? I would encourage you to consider giving at least 17 cents per day (enough to feed one child according to the World Food Programme). The organization you choose is a personal choice. Eugene Cho lists several options. I’m looking forward to talking to Jonathan tonight about which organization we should choose.

I am encouraged at the end of today. I’m encouraged Anna slept a little bit more, and that I could have time to watch that Ted Talk. I’m thankful for a bit of silence to soak up the information and write on this little blog. I am reminded that our news reports on problems but doesn’t usually provide solutions. That part is up to us.

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Such a great post. Thank you. I always say, "We don't have to look much further than our evening news to know that our world aches within itself." Thank you for reality + hope