Announcing Anna

by Lesley on July 21, 2011 · 4 comments

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Announcing our Anna Leigh

Born July 18 at 4:00am

7 pounds, 14 oz, 21 and 1/4 inches long

To our surprise, Anna decided to come a few weeks early!  At the risk of sounding cliche, we have completely fallen for her…hook, line and sinker. The above picture was taken just a few hours after she was born.

The week so far has consisted of kissing her little baby feet, stroking her soft skin, and marveling over her delicate features. I can’t wait to tell you more about her birth and first few days, but for now I have some sleep to catch up on!

The story of Anna’s name…

Jonathan and I debated Anna’s name for many months. We had several options we liked but couldn’t decide on one that felt right. One night in June, as Jonathan was barbecuing, I told him I thought her name was Anna. To my surprise, he agreed. Later, as I did more research on the name, I found that Anna means “favor” and “grace.” In the bible Anna is a prophetess in the book of Luke. She was a widow serving at Temple in Jerusalem when Mary and Joseph took the infant Jesus for presentation to the Lord, forty days after his birth. After becoming a widow, she no longer left the temple but spent untold hours over many years on that holy ground continually serving God, fasting, and praying. The Bible doesn’t say a lot about Anna. She required little in life except the grace of God, and we hope the same for our little girl.  Even though Anna was older and didn’t have a husband, she was still ready spiritually to do whatever work God had for her.

Anna, I pray this same vision for you, and for me, as I raise you.

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Beautiful post for beautiful little Anna. She is beyond precious. Missing you terribly and wishing we could meet the little one. Love, Kelly and Brandon


What a little peanut! Congrats to your family!


Our names' meanings really have an impact on our lives. I believe as we are taught frequently the meanings of our names, we grow into those meanings. Continue that prayer and vision, and communicate it to her frequently. She will grow to be the grace and favor of a healing Father to a hurting world.