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by Lesley on May 15, 2011 · 3 comments

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Written while on vacation last week in San Diego…

I’m in a tank top and shorts this week. It’s a Thursday afternoon, and instead of pounding away at my desk I’m listening to Jewel and Sheryl Crow at a little coffee shop called Katy’s– “where friends meet and they serve it up hot.”

It’s my third time here this week. I’m steps away from the little condo we are borrowing from Tammy’s family. I can hear the ocean through the back door, still audible over the light chatter from locals who are stationed here catching up about their day. The sun is almost down low enough for a late afternoon walk on the beach. It will, hopefully, not be too tough on my already sunburned skin.

Yesterday I braved a bikini and sat on the sand all day with a book in hand. I borrowed The Help from Kara. It’s been on my reading list for awhile, and it’s just as good as everyone says. I love flipping the pages of a book that’s already been loved a little bit. I love thinking about the characters when I wake up in the morning; as if they are old friends.

Twice we got up and walked down the beach. Once for burgers; once for ice cream in waffle cones.

Each day, we have slept in late. I have time to stretch my back out, and read my bible. These things often get skipped over when I’m at home. We eat homemade granola with strawberries as we watch the ocean waves go in and out. One day, I ate gelato TWICE. Such an indulgence makes me feel like I’m in Italy again.

We had dreamed of time in Europe before having kids, or maybe a visit to the Carolinas. Both, we decided, were not meant to be. This vacation is slow and sometimes boring. We have caught up on rest. We have read. We have talked about all the things we hope go “right” in July…and expressed our fears about the things that might go “wrong.” Tonight we will splurge on a dinner that will cost way too much but offer beautiful views of downtown. I expect Jonathan to order a few good beers. I will settle on a mocktail that won’t be as great as wine, but will have to suffice for now.

I am rested, refreshed. I am ready to return to our home and nest…to start preparing for baby…to choose paint for her walls and find bedding that is perfectly cute but not too cheesy.

We may not get away, alone, for awhile. But it will happen again. (We have eager grandma’s waiting to babysit!) For now I will soak up this time with my love, and be in this fleeting moment until it passes to the next.

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Why am I crying right now? Beautiful post. I remember fondly the quiet times before baby, and another baby, and another baby. And also the crazy anticipation of what comes next. I'm very excited for you!


I like your picture up there. Very nice. I actually almost bought that dress one time at Target...didn't realize it was maternity? Maybe its not...keep me updated on your baby's room!