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I find it difficult to call myself an artist. My sister is a true artist- she actually got a degree in art, and then got an advanced degree in design. She paints, and draws, and crafts. She makes art look easy even though it’s not.

I cannot paint or draw. I can barely doodle. I certainly cannot sing. But, somedays, I can write. Writing is a form of art even though it’s not as visual as the pretty things Allison makes.

This post isn’t really about art though. It’s about inspiration. For me, inspiration comes from many different sources.

I find inspiration when I’m with family; looking at my mom’s flowers or laughing over Matt’s funny comments. I find inspiration when I walk on the beach, when I catch an amazing sunrise with Tammy and Sharon, when I hop on the chair lift for the first time during the ski season. I am finding inspiration in baby’s kicks and movements- they slow me down in a way that allows me to daydream more and analyze less. I find inspiration in food, and pictures of food. (There are so many wonderful combinations of flavors to try!) I also find inspiration when I look at other’s creativity, which is part of the reason I read so many blogs on a week-by-week basis.

When I come across an image or an essay that particularly inspires, I like to go back to it again and again. Two sites I’ve been using, and loving, are Delicious and Pinterest. They are both bookmarking sites where I can organize information I find online, and also discover the very best things my friends have found.

If you need some inspiration, hop on over to my two feeds. You can access/connect with my on Delicious by clicking here; or find me on Pinterest by clicking here.

I suggest you read a few of the latest essays I’ve tagged on Delicious. There is a fabulous piece by Anne Lamott about finding time. There’s also a blog post about the Three Cups of Tea author who has fabricated information about his nonprofit (yikes!) and a post about why more Christian colleges should feature moms in their alumni highlights. All of these essays have made me slow down, think, and ask questions.

If you’re more of a picture person, check out my Pinterest feed. It has images that are inspiring our baby nursery, parties I’d love to plan, (it’s the BIG 3-0 this next year!) and places I’d like to visit.

Enjoy. Think. Get creative. Be inspired. We all need a little bit more of it in our lives.

picture from ohdeeoh. Yes, that’s pom poms in a baby room. I’m all over it.

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