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Recently life has been a bit more complicated than usual.

There’s the closet that I spent a few days organizing that just got disassembled. Complicated.

There’s figuring out how to buy just the right amount of food at Trader Joe’s to get us through the week, while still fitting it all in a mini fridge. Complicated.

There’s packing for a weekend away, coming home for 12 hours, doing laundry, eating a pizza, repacking for a 24 hour jaunt to San Diego while also packing up your entire house, again, so the floors can get refinished. Complicated (and currently in process).

There’s rushing from Roseville to West Sac in traffic. There are doctor’s appointments and blood tests. There’s figuring out a ride to the airport, from the airport, and to the airport again. There’s the fact that every single car rental place in San Diego is booked for tomorrow night because I waited until the last minute. Complicated.

There are the guilty feelings that surface for asking friends for favors, again. Can we borrow the truck? Can we sleep at your house? Can we eat at your house? Can you drive me here and there and everywhere? Can you put my clothes in your closet for a few weeks? Can you help us move? Can you make me a bagel because I’m starving as usual? (Yes, I really did ask Tammy to make me a bagel one morning last week. I’ve taken “mooch” to a whole new level.)

There’s a project due and only one day at the office to finish the work. Complicated.

And then there’s this book I’m starting to read with bible study that’s all about simplicity…and I’m realizing my life is too scheduled, too overcommitted, too wild. And yet I can’t say no to anything. Now I’m trying to get out of several commitments and its…well…complicated.

In the middle of the complicated there are moments of simplicity. Burgers with Allison and Matt in SF. Hiking the hills above Stanford with Brent and Erica. The very best Greek food ever in Los Gatos. Pink and white Birthday trees in bloom, just like they always are. Holding baby Louie. Homemade seafood gumbo and two days of sunshine skiing. (No falls = happy baby and mama!) Chocolate cake and a sip of wine  straight from Paris. Valentine making, airplane snuggling, a massage and a facial too. (Do you think my sweetheart was tired of hearing his sweetheart complain about pregnancy acne and being hungry? Yup.)

Really, in the grand scheme of things, my life is not complicated. But I do need more room. More room (literally) for the boxes, and more room (figuratively) for God’s still small voice. I need a few moments of peace when the days don’t seem to stop. I need a few days of sunshine when the weeks have been so gloomy and cold. Mostly I need just a little bit of perspective. Don’t we all?

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I'm right there with you friend. This new book could not be coming at a better time and I am excited to read it with you! Also, please know that you can eat at my house and store your clothes in my closet and ask me to make you a bagel and take you to the airport anytime. Because that's what friends do, and you're one of the best that I've got! Love you Les! ;)