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by Lesley on January 30, 2011 · 0 comments

in remodeling/home projects

There are a lot of decorating projects I’ll be tackling soon. First on the list– finding a few “new” decorative touches for the kitchen. We are installing cabinets with glass doors in addition to open shelving. My everyday plates and serving dishes are all the same blue and frankly I’m getting a little tired of the color. Since everything is now going to be on display, I wanted to change things up a bit.

My friend Tammy made her kitchen shelves really cute by adding pops of peach and aqua servingware. With a little inspiration from her, and a little inspiration from all of Ashlee’s recent thrift store finds, I headed out to Goodwill yesterday in search of treasures.

Last summer I bought about 10 frames from Goodwill and painted them for my office. I was hoping to find more frames for a montage of old family photos of our parents and grandparents. I didn’t find any frames but I did find two cute books which will tie into my kitchen colors nicely. Both of them were printed in the 1960s. “Let’s Have Healthy Children” will certainly come in handy starting this summer when baby arrives. It has plenty of great lessons for new moms such as causes of diarrhea. (Too much sugar, in case you were curious. Phew. Glad I found that out before I started force feeding cupcakes to a newborn.) The chapter which really caught my attention? That’d be Chapter 19 called “Your Child Has the Right to Be Beautiful.” Ha. For some reason, that title makes me laugh.

I also bought the Joy of Cooking simply because I liked its blue color. I also got a yellow vase, turquoise candy dish and swan figurine. I think they will tie in nicely to this Anthropologie plate, which if I’m lucky will be purchased by my sweet husband for my birthday:

This weekend we also knocked a few other big purchases off our kitchen shopping list including butcher block for the desk, slate for the floor, a kitchen door, sink, faucet, and ceiling fans. Tonight we’re baptizing our fireplace for the first time. I’m cozy and happy, but can’t help staring at our new fans. I’m looking forward to when the cold and foggy mornings have passed and we can welcome warm morning walks, planting tomatoes, mowing the lawn, sitting on our front porch, eating late dinners in our backyard, and sleeping with the windows open.

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