Kitchen demo begins

by Lesley on January 4, 2011 · 4 comments

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Our official transition to life in Tahoe Park has begun. I’ve done my reflecting, I’ve done my stressing, and now I’m officially excited about home ownership. I guarantee there were still be some stressing between now and March when we’re all moved in, but that’s only because there are important decisions to make like cast iron sink or stainless? Kohler or Moen? You get the idea…

Here’s what we’ve been up to since getting our keys on December 14:

Jonathan immediately started tearing down wallpaper within minutes of our┬áRealtor┬áleaving, which left a big ol’ mess across our pristine red carpet. Shame on him. Nah, not really. I’d never been so happy to see wallpaper go, especially since I’ve been living with an 80s wallpaper kitchen for the last four years. We also painted! By “we” I mean Jonathan and several of his best buddies who I owe a great meal later this spring. I’m going for a very light/white/crisp beachy vibe in our new place although that doesn’t mean we’re avoiding color. The living room is now a light blue, the bedrooms are taupe, and our bathroom is a light green. I’m very thankful for our bathroom because it required the most work and convincing to accomplish. In fact I threw a mini tantrum before Jonathan agreed to whip out the roller one more time.

Between December 20 and 30 we ignored the house for lots of shopping, stuffing ourselves at four Christmas celebrations, seeing several movies (loved The King’s Speech!) and reading a new favorite book (The Wednesday Sisters).

We were very excited to return last weekend to a new closet in our bedroom. Because of the home’s age, there were lots of little closets throughout the house but not any larger closets. So, our friend Shane (who also happens to be our contractor) knocked out a wall and made us a closet that–while still quite small–is much better than we had before. I must remind myself, people in 1947 could fit all their stuff in three bedroom house so I certainly can too. We live in an age with too much crap. It’s time to get rid of stuff.

We also “convinced” my parents to come to Sacramento for a few days (they were easy prey). Dad got put to work finalized the paint and taking off old electrical plates. My mom happily grabbed the vacumn, and Jonathan and I bossed them around. It was great.

While all of these updates have taken time, arguing, negotiation and money, they are making our house a place we will soon love. The most exciting part of it all? As of yesterday our kitchen is NO MORE! The wall is out, the tile is gone, the cabinets are bye bye. I’m one who believes the kitchen is the most important room of the house. I hope our kitchen will soon provide both good food and great conversation. At the very least, it will look lovely.

This coming weekend we’ll officially move the boxes and furniture over and begin a 6-8 week period of “camping” until the remodel is done. I plan to cook many amazing microwave meals. I also plan to mooch off anyone in Sacramento who will invite us over for dinner. So far, the Melvin’s are letting us sleepover for a week, and the Powell’s may get hit up after that. We have great friends. I hope they feel the same about us after February is over.

So there you have it– an update on the big move and remodel. Now, back to boxing!

(Kitchen pic taken tonight, as Shane walks us through our new space without walls.)

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