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by Lesley on November 11, 2010 · 12 comments

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Almost a year ago, just after Jonathan passed the bar and we realized a steady paycheck would follow, house hunting began. Our little apartment had been good to us, but there were a few things missing: namely, space. And a washer and dryer. And a garage. And, did I mention, space?

Yup, it was time to move on. But, the question was, where? Besides our lack of space, we love our current apartment.  It’s nestled on tree lined streets between lots of huge, old homes with lovely front lawns and tree swings. We can walk to Starbucks or Bon Lair. BigSpoon satisfies my every craving. The neighbors are nice, plus I have gardening beds and a porch. Every night  when the church bells ring at 5:00pm, I find myself thankful all over again for my home.

{Why are we moving again?!? Oh yes, we need space. Continuing…}

So, we looked and looked, prayed and prayed. We even placed an offer last spring, and then panicked we couldn’t afford the house. Fortunately, the offer wasn’t accepted and we took about six months off to keep saving. This fall we started looking again. I still felt adamant about living in the same area we live now. And no remodeling. Nope. I wanted “move-in ready” because who has the time, energy or money to remodel?

Never say never, folks. Ever.

About a week ago our offer was accepted on a little house in Tahoe Park, which in and of itself is fun/scary/exciting. But guess who’s also now embarking on a kitchen remodel? Gulp. That’d be us, aka Mr. and Mrs. We Don’t Know What We’re Doing.

The house is about two miles from where we live now, and I’m sure I’ll tell you all about it over the upcoming weeks. We love that its in an established neighborhood (and by that I mean old. 1947 to be exact). There’s also a park nearby where I plan to run my future dog, since I’ve only been waiting to get one since, well, forever. It’s not the neighborhood we were originally hoping for, but I love how God had other plans for us. We’re really excited, comforted and encouraged by how He works. The very best part about this house is knowing it’s what He wants.

So, if the blog posts become a bit fewer and far between, you’ll know why. Or, if I start writing about granite and chimney sealants, and painting; you’ll also know why. But, in the end it will all be worth it when we have a little extra space for you, our friends, to come visit. See you soon!

(P.S. Yup, that picture would be our “new” kitchen which will soon receive a makeover with the help of our friend Shane. Kitchen remodel advice is now being accepted. Please keep any snarky, “Remodeling is hell” comments to yourself.)

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