A blessing called busy

by Lesley on September 16, 2010 · 3 comments

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We live in this culture where telling people, “I’m busy” ┬áis a sneaky way of saying, “I’m important.”

Oh, I’m guilty as charged. You probably are too. I mean, really, if you think about it–it’s rare to hear someone say, “I’m bored these days. My schedule is so empty it’s depressing. I wish I had meetings after work, and friends to dine with, and family calling, and service projects to do. Maybe someday I’ll be busy again.”

Doesn’t happen, right?

This summer work was busy, and our weekends were packed. They always are. But life in the evenings was quieter. I wasn’t blogging, I didn’t have bible study, and our monthly mentoring date with Dwight and Ruth was on hiatus until this week.

It was glorious, yet I still told people “I am so busy” whenever they asked how I was doing. Why was it so hard to just say “I’m GREAT!” ?

September then rushed in with changing leaves, football, a rainy day or two…and a packed schedule. I am back to searching for alone time, and battling anxiety during the long days when it seems the commitments never end.

I am searching for balance.

This summer, I read a book by Nancy Ortberg. In it, she writes about balance. I found myself looking at the B word with new eyes. She says, “Balance gives us the illusion of control. The comfort of order. Many are draw to the idea of balance because it promises to relieve the stress of our world, whose competing priorities are constantly clamoring to get our attention.”

It’s true. I’ll admit it. I like control and sometimes I’ll do anything to try and obtain it.

But what truly gave me encouragement, and what I hope will also encourage you today, is this:

“Part of the draw we feel towards balance is God’s fault. He created such a marvelous world. The thought that I can grow roses…and lead a meeting where great ideas and strategies emerge…and study the history of Europe…and ride a horse…and get lost in the words and melody of a poem…and seriously consider what the economic forces of poverty are and try to help change that…and bake a banana cream pie and relish every bite- there are just too many wonderful things, so much I do not want to miss. One life is not enough.”

My life is so full of beauty. And while I could stand to say NO a little more often, I am blessed by all the things I’ve said YES to.

No, one life is not enough.

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