Oh, you look so beautiful tonight.

by Lesley on October 26, 2009 · 3 comments

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After six months of eager anticipation, here we are at the Rose Bowl watching U2 perform the largest concert in the stadium’s history. Close to 100,000 fans packed out the stadium for a two-and-a-half hour concert broadcast around the world on YouTube.

I told you in April that I’d be blogging about the concert as soon as it was over. I’m writing this on only a few hours of sleep–because it took us three hours to get out of the stadium and back to Orange County. In the background tonight I have the YouTube concert streaming so I can catch all the little things I wasn’t able to see last night. Our seats were amazing, but, still not quite close enough to see some of the emotion you can pick up on camera.

What I loved the most about last night was the energy in the crowd. There is nothing like singing with 100,000 other people, nothing like seeing the hands waving in unison, and nothing like the beating that takes over your entire body. There’s nothing like watching the Dad in front of us as he continued to jump up and down, much to the amusement of his teen daughters. There’s nothing like hearing Amazing Grace float over and out, into the sky, and hearing the sounds of thousands join in. There were moments where I found myself worshipping God..thankful that I could do so, and praying that others might be moved to do the same. That statement will sound dramatic if you’ve never been to a U2 concert, but, I’m being honest!


Here we are with our concert buddies- Lori and Dan. We tailgated with a few other Westmont alums, then hid out in the car afterwards to eat pumpkin pie until the crowds thinned out. If you’re jealous, don’t worry. Tickets go on sale soon for Summer 2010 tour. Anaheim anyone?

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There's numerous things that I'm jealous about in relation to this post, most are pretty obvious being that I was not there as well to experience it. But thanks Leslie for the great description that almost made me feel like I had eaten pumpkin pie with you. Anaheim would be pretty U2rrific


Yep, I'm TOTALLY jealous. I didn't even know about the concert at all until I saw a couple of people post about attending! Sounds like a good time. :-)